At This Club

Why you coming around again

What about when we were kids?

Can I pray away these feelings,

Or are you gonna give me the power,

Cause I’m stuck on desire,

I’ve lost the fire,

Life has been hard without you here.

I’m at this club,

Looking for love,

Are you alone when you 


Is this house a home,

Cause no one notices 

When I am gone,

No one says a thing,

Im driving around daily,

Past you, in your city am wondering my way back to You,

Is this feeling new,

Can you give me a clue?

Are you coming around again,

Back from the past,

Will this love last?

Running on empty when you call,

Adding up voice mails,

I don’t know you anymore,

I think I hate your voice,

Are you distant in this life,

Crossing places i used to 


Asking for a spark to start again,

I’ve lost some love in this pain,

Are you to blame,

Cause I can’t call back,

And hate the things I say,

Is this love or are you gone?

Any minute now death is around

The corner, every child gets a few 


Are you living,

Is this the water you provide,

Cause I’m drinking daily,

Feeding the flame of things maybe

Called lies,

Is there truth in this struggle?

Or are gonna change again?

I make my way to wandering,

Stuck in wondering,

I am choosing dark,

Give me the spark,

Cause I can’t have you 

Calling again.

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