Close My Eyes

Got that heavy feeling in my chest,

When you pass can’t get past

Those memories,

Where are you now,

Are you older,

A little grayer

Cause only are you ever

Living in these dreams,

Been alone,

Been home,

I don’t like the furniture,

Where’s the future?

Did you hang up those


Rarely were we ever


Is this a family or are

We a tragedy?

Got this heavy feeling from my past,

When I think of you this blood runs

Hot, were you a good man or not? 

Did you ever think about the bleeding

I did to myself in that moment of 

Sorrow in the evening,

I told you all eventually I was gonna

Be leaving,

Cause love wasn’t good enough to 


Were you in love with me,

Or was that something to say,

Did you feel my sorrow,

Time you couldn’t borrow,

Cause Good-bye was your

Idea, now I only see you

In my dreams,

Been alone,

Been to this home,

And the way things hang here,

You never put up our picture

By the tree, were you living

Free, or were you shackled 

Like me?

I got a heavy feeling in my chest,

I don’t want to keep you around,

Even if its a fantasy,

You’ve been gone and its far 

To long! I don’t think I miss you,

I think I wanted a redo,

One with less pills, and
Less chemicals,

Can’t spell your name right,

Got you out of sight,

But I am alive with vision,

When I close my eyes

I still see you.

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