Needed You

Closed My Eyes to get away,

When I loved you wanted you 

To stay,

You linger around me,

Ask me lately if I am 

One to be okay,

Is there an eraser,

Are you closer,

Or are we just older? 

I am stuck inside,

Spinning with disease,

Guilt from the things

I said to you,

Are you far away 

Where the wind blows

Cold and can I be bold

And say I didn’t want 

To stay,

I sleep alone,

Love was never a hobby,

I came for your body,

I am left with shame,

Cause I’ve never been

The same since the days

Of bleeding,

I called you when I had 

A reason, was anything

You ever did for good,

Or were you always 

Misunderstood like this,

I needed you,

I needed you,

Needed you,

Needed you

Were you a man now

Typing words away,

Trivial cards to stack,

Did you hate the work,

Cause you did a work,

We heard it,

We felt it,

You dealt it,

I close my eyes and think 

Of you,

I run away and still run

Because of you,

Love is still a cure,

And harder and harder

It gets to hear,

Time is running out,

Time to draw near.

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