Closing these eyes in those

Days when you stayed close,

How many nights did I devote 

To you? How many hours?

Time stood still,

Love was the thrill,

Better than the pills

I had to take to keep 

You close,

Could it have been 

Beter in that orange

County weather,

Is this town fake and

Lovely, or do I just want

Your body?

Gave up some wasted


Learned how to talk to

You in person,

But I couldn’t look

At you, I couldn’t

Really love you.

Stood in the rain,

Prayed in the plain,

Fancy words couldn’t

Save me cause this is 

A disorder and no one

Has the cure.

I was never sure,

Never settled,

Never really certain,

You would pull back

The curtain,

Is this a stage,

Are you a sage,

Can you burn the 

Letters in this heart,

This lonely pain is

Getting to me,

I close my eyes and I

Still see you,

Standing in the rain,

And nothing has ever

Been the same.

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