Years Ago

How long has it been,

Since you were in,

In the schedule,

In the rotation,

Earth on its axes,

Grace in access,

Love in excess,

Was that all it was?

When I fall,

I fall hard,

Closing eyes as 

They sleep,

Are you up, still,

Thinking about me

Are you still,

Was it a thrill to

Follow you,

Was it hard to let it go,

Christmas without snow,

But it was a flame,

It was not tame.

How long will it be

To let go of you,

To try the move on,

Cause the fall is hard

And the words are sorrow,

You cannot borrow,

Love was a hobby,

What about your body?

It was enticing,

It was inviting,

Where is the past,

It couldn’t last,

To many pills at 


To many tears

In the day,

It was your idea to

Go away,

Sitting back in chairs,

Sleepless nights in L.A.

Where you gonna go now,

Cause you are still,

Here in my dreams.

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