Gotta Say, Need You To Stay

Gotta say I am sorry and 

Tired, worn down in this


How many times did I stay

When I should go,

And now you gotta know,

It will never snow,

And pour and fall,

And get cold after all.

We are warm together,

Warmer weather,

Like California,

This is where I stay.

I am here, and sorry

About yesterday,

I should have never

Let you go,

Now I can’t let go.

Gotta say those things

Again that you were good

Again and I should have

Said yes to ice skating

With you.

I made a hobby out of 

Knowing your body,

Now your soul is out

Of control,

And your heart is with 

Me wherever I go.

I should have looked you 

In the eyes,

Told you no lies,

Let my truth guide


I am still a man 

Without a clue.

Gotta say I am sorry

For just saying sorry,

Its all you hear of me

These days.

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