Clear Land

Is this the place you appear,

Cause I rarely feel you here,

What kind of land is this?

Land of fear or the land of the clear?

I’m looking for you,

I’m searching in the day,

Can’t find my way,

Are you home,

Are you alone?

I felt that fire when you left,

Moved away to the west,

Is this ocean love now?

Eyes are bright red,

I’m faking dead cause I’ve 

Lost my life,

His voice is a hallow,

And I can’t give you a follow,

This heart is burning up,

When am I gonna grow up,

Told you I had to let you go,

Saturdays were your days,

All those miles trying to find you 

Am I sure or just guilty?

Made a hobby out of your body,

Lost in hotel lobbies,

Elevator kind of love,

Got high off of you,

Crashed and burned in night skies,

Can’t look you in your eyes,

How many words were lies?

Reasons to stay,

Reasons to go,

I wanted that pleasure and 

How much does that cost?

Showing up here a liar,

But all you see is fire,

When and where will you 


No one says You gonna come soon!

This land is my land,

Is that a demand, or can You understand?

I’m not leaving, but I’m not living!

Is this place here for fear,

Or can we call it the land of the clear.

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