Not ready for you to go,

Not ready for you to know,

All I have wanted to say

Is let you know that

I cannot let go,

The phone rings and

Your voice stings,

Voicemails pile up,

And you haven’t changed,

Same old love that

We never got,

Souls set to rot,

Are we forgotten,

Am I ready to remember,

Every December what kind

Of Christmas will we get,

Did you bring gifts,

Or a fit,

And rage on this blank


When I fall asleep I see your face,

I can’t leave this place cause this

House is cheap and I am here to 


No one wants me to leave anytime

Soon, I show up and say I am 

Not leaving, but do they know,

I am also not living!

I escape a little when I see you,

And I can’t wish for things to change,

Are we waiting,

Or are we wishing,

Cause you were never giving,

Now we should be quitting,

Circles of chairs and words on pages,

I am not ready to stay and I am

Ready to go,

Ready for departure,

Cause you were a broken father,

And now we got to get to living,

Are you ready for that?


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