Is it Gospel when you speak,

Or is it money you seek?

The pulpit is the culprit,

And we stopped listening 

A long time ago,

I wanted the power you


Then we are dismayed,

You weren’t the man we 


Now, what do you want?

Looking back,

Burying dead for your own,

Living headless with no home,

When will you be gone,

Anytime soon?

Are you the man we seek,

Or is it just energy for the weak,

When I am having parties 

I don’t think of you,

Poverty all over this town,

Asking for a new sound,

Louder now than we 

Were back then,

Is it Gospel when You speak?

I know its money you seek,

I am dying and you are lying,

Caves and crawling,

Are you the one with the 


Are you shouting and 

We aren’t listening,

Noise and cymbals,

Is it just symbols?

Love is painting behind you,

Fading is the story of this place,

I can’t stop from coming,

A man that is listening,

Cymbals and symbols,

When will this noise come

To an end?

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