Yeast and leaven,

A little for the evening,

Loving you is uneven,

Calling you, asking you

Are you ever gonna change?

Fall, Winter, Summer and some

More days,

Are you all in when I am around,

Or just with your friends when

You are downtown?

Slow surrender and we are still


Falling over, bowing down,

Got you looking for escape,

Heart worthy of aches,

Can’t find you til the 


Now I am mourning.

Solving your problems,

Smoking cigarettes

With smiles and indents

On my face,

Driving for miles with no 

Talking, looking for the 

Smoking and Valentine’s 

Day parade I made for 


Are you sad, or mad when
I can’t stay the night?

Wrong or right or 

Even some hate?

Coming at me like the 


Loving you is uneven,

Can’t call back for the

Seven days in a week,

Got me weak in the 

Evening, nothing 

Here is even,

Hobbies and
Bodies, I can’t erase

The pain I have seen,

Not trying to be mean,

But I can’t stay forever,

A little in the leaven,

Running is uneven,

Even in the evening,

Loving you is still


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