Feeling blue,

Cause I don’t know You,

You were always leaving,

We were never living,

Preacher says, ” You got to 

Get to giving, it leads to 


I can’t hear your words 

Clearly, love is a rarely,

You keep calling me 

In the evening mostly 

To get even,

I’m barely seeing you for 

What you are worth,

Your location is out of 


And im not here to 

Teach you how to stay 

Close to me,

Feeling blue,

Cause I know what to say 

But not what to do,

I’m crawling sometimes

Trying to find you,

You are dressing up for me,

Beauty is a rarely,

I’ve lost the mystery,

Now we smoke in the 


Is this getting uneven?

I’m blue cause I know 

Your body,

Its a hobby,

But who are you when 

You are with me?

I’m blue and it’s making a dent,

Are You just,.

Are you True,

Do you have the blueprint 

To this chaos?

I can’t live like this,

Always in the distance,

I know what to say when you ask 

Me what kind of life I want to live!

I’m blue cause I’ve wasted 

Time not loving You!


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