Sweat on the neck,

Loving you like a train 

That wrecks,

Up to my neck in the middle 

Of June, told you goodbye,

But it won’t be the last time.

Do you like the play,

Or am I made of clay?

I’m walking not on the 

Moon but into you,

And are you coming down,

Making loud sounds,

Sweat on the neck,

No play like decks 

We don’t live that kind

Of life around here,

When u gonna get out of 

Bed, cause we are together in 

My head, kids growing older,

I’m not sober and its only Tuesday,

I want you, you’ve gotten away,

And I’m in your sway,

When we gonna find each other?

Neck sweat,

Taxi tales of leaving this town

And finding you again,

I’m burning up when you 

Grow up and im in need of 

Something new.

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