Never saw your feet touch the floor,

Always sought you in the more,

Playing it safe all of my days,

I am lost in a haze

Trapped in a blaze,

Can’t fan the flame for myself,

Putting those dreams on the shelf,

Buying you coffee

And running on empty,

Is your soul sad,

Is your brain mad? 

Is that what strangers say?

I tried to love you,

You always got away,

Looking for a man to

Look up to but you weren’t 


Feet never could touch the floor,

Recliners in the evening,

You were always leaving,

I was never living,

Fear is a strange affair,

I tried not to despair, 

Now I need repair,

Your voice I just can’t

Let go of,

I did not love you the way

One should,

I am up high and I am 

Not coming down,

Down to the ground,

Feet on your floor,

Boxes packed and

Dreams in tact,

When will You come

Again! Is soon today!

Is soon a misery,

We lost mystery,

You live away

But in this head you still


I am down on the ground,

I am a man and my head is 


I am living into the evening,

And we can’t get even!

Nothing about you is even


Now, I am no stranger to 


I am down,

I am sad,

I am mad,

I want more, 

My feet touch the floor!

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