Tell You Something,Part 1

Part 1, Gotta Tell You Something

Have to say that time has gotten away,

Met you on a hot summer day,

Was a man not ready to face

Pain, heart was living on empty.

Time has slipped in between the

Things I say and the things I 

Want to mean,

Time is stopping and I gotta

Tell you something,

This heart is in flames

Over other names,

Its June and almost 

Another day will make

You further away,

Its almost the fourth,

And I can’t go forth,

I can’t tell you the hard


Can’t let you leave 

This place alone,

This soul is in flames

Over other names

And I can’t let you go,

I have to let you know,

I have hid with silence

Like we were garden lovers,

Where did this all start and

Have you started or do you 

Want to stay til the finish?

Til death?

Til another memory changes

The ones you have today?

I gotta tell you something,

I can’t say the things I mean,

I can’t tear you down,

And I can’t do it again,

I can’t tell you no love

Just stay a friend,

I am the ending to this

Thing I started,

Telling you,

That’s the hardest part.

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