Tell you Something (Part 2)

Love is your commodity,

Finding your body,

A hobby,

Now time has left me,

It has gone by,

I have reasons why,

Why I can’t love

Even just better,

Or not at all?

I got jobs without love

And money is the root

Of me,

I am a sinking man

Without a plan,

How do I say no 

To you again,

And again,

Listless over making

Lists and I can’t get 

You to stay,

Love is my commodity,

Lusting you like a hobby,

Trying to get sober,

But just getting older,

I’ve loved the voices you


I just know your gonna

Break and that’s my


I am not the one for you,

I am just the right now

That you got going before

You get going,

I am trying to move along,

Grow and get a life that 

Last long and this thing

We have is not the 

Future I want anyway,



Time is the give away,

And that has been lost to.

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