Louder Now Episode #121

Louder Now Episode #121 ****

Hello friends, welcome back to the podcast. This was the first time I have talked with Doctors on this show and it was wonderful. We talk personal stories of overcoming trauma and we get into forgiveness, faith and even some talk about psychedelics. Also, much more .

I loved having them on the podcast and hope to do part 2 in the future.

BIO: Drs. May and Tim Hindmarsh 

Drs. Tim and May Hindmarsh are a dynamic dual physician couple, having a blast doing life together. They are also the hosts of BS FREE MD Podcast. Both are Board Certified Family Practice physicians, currently practicing Urgent Care. Both have over 28 years of diverse experience in family practice, hospital medicine, obstetrics and urgent care. 

Born and raised in Canada, they met in Medical School then graduated from University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, SK in 1992 and married 4 days later. 

Both completed Family Medicine Residency at the University of Alberta, Edmonton in 1994 and soon after immigrated to Oregon where they have been practicing ever since. They worked under Samaritan Health Services in the Willamette Valley, OR for 25 years. While there, Tim accrued almost 20 years experience in Utilization Management. He has been on numerous committees and boards including Samaritan Health Board of Directors, (a 5 hospital multispecialty integrated health network). He has served on Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Credentialing, Management Council , Physicians Board and was Medical Director for Twin Oaks Care Center. 

In 2021 they ventured into the private world of Medicine, helping establish Ridgeway Health, a local private Urgent Care Clinic. Both have been frontline physicians during the Covid Pandemic, working almost exclusively in Covid Clinics 2020-2022. 

They both believe in serving the community you are in. While rural medicine has been their main mission field, they have served internationally. May also was Medical Director for StarFish Medical Ministries from 2009-2012. 

In 2021 they launched BS FREE MD Podcast They are passionate and love laughing at their medical experiences as well as getting into serious discussions on the issues in healthcare today. Never boring, they bring a lighter approach to the often mundane Medical world. 

As a successfully married couple for almost 30 years, they have an honest and real discussion about what makes a relationship work, dual physician family struggles and raising great adults. Their motto for success in work/

life balance is: The 4 F’s to success- Faith, Family, Finances, Fun. They bring a raw, real, fun approach to life and their adventures. Described as a “ gas and brake” experience, this lively couple is always on the go. Tim received the Governor’s Award for Contribution to Physical Fitness (Oregon) -2008 and the OHSU Award for Contribution to Rural Healthcare 2006 Founder of ‘Act Alive’- Decathlon of Extreme Sports in 24 hours, raising money and awareness for their hospital foundation Tim is happy to tackle controversial topics in healthcare and challenge the status quo. From Covid to Opioid Crisis , managed care to risk assessment- almost no topic in healthcare is off limits. 

May has overcome eating disorders through marriage and residency, postpartum depression, struggled with imposter syndrome and career regret. As a migraine warrior and autoimmune patient, she is a tough 

“overcomer”. She embraces women’s health issues AND life as a high achieving female professional.

Visit their website: https://bsfreemd.com/

Follow them on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bsfreemd/

Here is the book that Dr. Tim mentions toward the end of the show: 

End of Show NOTES:

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