Another late night,

Another late fight,

Another chance to 

Get it right,

On the next flight

Can’t talk tonight,

Trying to get you 

Out of sight,

Using my mind like

Its all my might,

But you keep spinning

When I am not looking,

Another way out of this,

Another time to shred

The papers I write about


Its summer and its magic

Is lost on me,

I got you as a memory,

Can’t get away from 

Your body,

Now I am sorrow,

And I lost the mystery.

Another day and another

Time is what the prideful


I am lost in the sway,

Under the world in 

My own way,

I am trying to forget

Your eyes,

Magic in the

Midnight fights,

Mystery for

The red eyed


Cause I am a runner,

And a little lost

At sea,

Another yesterday I would 

Have looked at you,

Straight in the eyes,

Told you no lies,

Now I can’t 


Can’t get you right,

Can’t get off this flight,

Cause no one can

Run forever,

Are you home when

You are on the phone,

Are you lost in being 


Do you love debt

Like me,

Cause I am spending

It all on you,

I am lost like you,

And its no easy

Regret to unwind,

All I have is time,

Time to live,

Time to die,

Time to lie

And that is


Another late night,

Hungover on yesterday,

Cause shame follows me

And I can’t claim any great


Another late night

Where I sit with myself,

And I just can’t

Stop thinking of 


Is this love,

Or am I just 

Addicted to you.

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