Fixing Things

Back at it again,

To broken things needing

To get fixed,

Trying for the fast lane,

Wandering with the insane,

3 years since you had me

Locked in,

3 years since the looney


White halls and empty


How many times did they

Cast something out of me?

Or pray not so softly,

Are we still talking about


I got some hurts you can’t 


No sorrow comes with 

Those pills,

Medicine isn’t gonna

Change the way you 

Were to me

Living in the fast lane,

Afraid to rest at night,

Isn’t your job to 

Give some peace,

I am not at ease,

Will I ever be? 

I’ve been locked away,

Never early,

Late to waking up,

Late to growing up,

Do you have the plan,

The plan for how to be 

A man?

I paced and walked and

Fell over screaming,

Had this whole place

Making recommendations.

I am just a patient,

Locked away,

Plugged in so you 

Stay away,

Loveless when I walk,

Cold at night,

How many more years are we

Gonna do this?

You had a chance,

A chance with me,

Young and fragile,

Now all my friends

Have friends,

And I still can’t 

Make amends,

Here we are again,

At it again,

Fixing broken things.


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