Many Nights

To many nights like this,

Trying to find someone 

To miss,

How many times did you

Leave us on the floor,

Up at night,

Asking for more,

Trying to let go,

Trying to explore,

To many night trying to change,

Waiting for the 


Waiting for you to call,

Waiting for the fall,

Waiting for the departure.

To many nights lost in the 

Lust only one can hide,

Thought I saw your face,

Thought you left this place,

Thought I could use you,

But I can’t follow through

With following you,

Can’t find a way to keep

On loving you.

To many nights where 

Morning never ends,

And is the eternal love

Something to miss,

Something to skip,

You in a red dress

Can’t change what

I have seen and
Where we have


Can’t miss you more

Than I do now,

To many nights like this,

Are you the one I miss,

Or is it someone else?


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