Late Night Repair

Late night repair,

Need you here,

Are you good,

Or just there?

Got you for the getaway,

Trying to drift,

Making the shift,

Seeing you

Whenever I go,

Walking away 

With love on my 


Late night repair,

Heart on a wire,

Words for the despair,

Are you more than

Just here? 

Asking for change,

Looking for the 


Now we are sitting

And speaking,

No one looks

Free in the twilight,

Still got the ache

When dark becomes


I am a late soul,

Losing control,

And wandering

With the eyes

You gave me,

Late night repair,

Blood and needles

And things to come,

When will you come?

Is it soon?

Is this a close up

And a zoom,

Is nearness what You


Cause I got pain

You are far,

Farther then I can


Living for the love

But today is misery,

Falling apart in the day,

And waiting up for you in

The night.


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