The Latest

Lately I’ve been up 


Thinking of what to say to 


Thought it was gonna last


Now we don’t belong,

Are you sick of being

Tired cause I don’t

Sleep much without

You here,

Is that what you

Want to hear?

Was it time for you to leave,

You always hated this


Now we are apart

And you want to come


Is that the latest

On you,

Or do I still not have a clue.

I tried to get it together

For you,

Tried to slim down,

And stay around,

But when I turn to

The side,

I can’t hide,

I see you with 

Every stride.

Are you still up late

Thinking of me,

Why did you get

The move on,

Moved out on 

Your own to

Your own home,

Can you stand me enough

To stay, or is that gonna be

Another day? 

I know the way you move

And how you look when

You sleep next to me

But when I leave

I am still empty,

Is this the latest about

You and me,

Thoughts about you but

Still a little blue,

Are you late to notice,

Late to this and 

Late to us.


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