Slow Again

Slow Again

Calling again,

Do you need a friend?

Are you single, 

Is that now, or 

Back then.

You had to stay next to me

When I wanted to go,

I had you fast and quickly,

It was close but never slow.

Spring time came,

I was to blame,

I never saved your 

Number with your name,

Had to run when I 

Should have stayed.

Saved you in my mind,

Did the time,

Tried to remember

It’s hard to forget

All the times I saw

You and it wasn’t

A shadow, it was

Full throttle,

Calling again,

Cause you found a 

New friend,

And you want to

Start this again.

Don’t know what you mean

When you say you want me,

I have some memories of

Those days,

But lately its been a haze.

Did you love me,

Or will you leave me?

I am quick to say

I can’t go slow again,

If you call again,

Don’t call me a friend.


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