I am alone when

You’re around,

Cause you barely 

Come around,

You call daily but

Do you want to 

Hear me?

You’re clocking in

On checking in but

I don’t think we are 


Its not your name,

Its the shame,

I show up here but

I am the same,

My life is

Tame and I am

The one to blame.

I am old and

Still afraid.

Older than the 

Last time I told you.

I am sad without you

But being with you was


I got a history 

Of asking you to 

Fix me,

Early mornings

And waking up the same,

Thought you were 

The one that could

Change everything?

I might be wrong

But I want to last 


I don’t think you

See but staying here

Is a mystery,

You’re the doctor,

What about future?

No one seems to 

See that not changing

Is a tragedy,

Greatness is buried

Deep inside of me,

And this pain 

Brings it out of me,

Name change for 

The less tame,

Neither meek nor 


But a steady incline

Toward wild.


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