Episode #141( Book Club BROTHERS VIDEO PODCAST)

I got to do a in person podcast with my Sunday morning book club brothers and it was so fun!

Notes from my podpage: ( https://www.podpage.com/jared-diehl-the-louder-now-podcast/louder-now-episode-141-our-spiritual-journey-with-the-book-club-brothers-samuel-jacob-and-stephen/)

Episode #141:

This was a special episode. Got to record this in person in mid December with my book club brothers Jacob, Samuel and Stephen. This past fall of 2022 we all read The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr together. Since then we have stayed and touch and have been developing a brotherhood together.

We go on a journey and talk faith, growing up and reflections on our faith in God. This was a special night of recording and talking and I am so honored to have these brothers in my life and I am excited for the future. I hope you enjoy our talk.

BIO of Jacob:

Jacob Swodeck is a husband, dad, veteran real estate guy, Clippers fan and a learner of all things true. 

Follow Jacob on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jacobswodeck/

BIO of Stephen:

Stephen F. Pflücker is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur, comes from the Business Banking world where he has more then 10 years of experience. He grew up as a pastors kid and was heavily involved in the ministry till He left not only His family but also the Things of God. It has been about a year that God got ahold of him. He has chosen to have God at the center of all His relationships and is in the business of Empowering others and growing Gods kingdom for the glory of God. 


BIO of Samuel:

Samuel is a thrilled Father of two sons. And brother to Stephen. I love Yeshua and my Father.

I manage short term rentals via Airbnb and am currently studying Hebrew. I have a BA in Theology. Professional table tennis player. Part of an awesome book club.Aspiring chef of Peruvian cuisine.

Follow him on Instagram:


End of Show Notes:

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*** call 988 to reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. 




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