Forgetting to remember 

How to surrender,

Counting til November 

When life is older,

Wanna go further 

But I can’t stay sober.

Falling asleep to 

Falling in my dreams.

Trying to find you in the 


Forgot what its like

To win.

Everything keeps blowing

As everyone keeps going,

Can’t let anyone know,

That you want to be


Older but still afraid.

This bed is never made,

Lost in the shade,

Underneath your 


Can’t get past the

Bloodstains close

To the floor,

Notes about


Close to the 


I’ve gotten you

All wrong,

No one here

Wants to

Last long.

You had nothing to offer

But money to offer 

As an offering,

We always showed

Up but we never

Learned how to 

Grow up.

The pulpit is the culprit

And anything you say


You wanna know what my 

Heart is about,

But inside it is a 


I am listless over

Making lists

About the changes

You never made.

I used to have fire 

Way back then,

Now we keep going 

Back to those days 

Called then,

You don’t want

Those good times 

To end but

All your friends

Have friends

And being alone

Never ends.

I can’t let it go 

All those things you 

Did in the snow.

Love wasn’t felt,

The water would 


Is your name a


Cause you are the 


And no one here

Knows Your 


Calling it out,

All the times

We doubt,

Heart is a little


And that is


Used to have fire,

Now we get coffee

And talk about


You moved away,

But you never

Got away from

All the thoughts

I think about you,

We let you stay 

Around for free,

But your anger

Was a tragedy.

Still talking like a kid,

All those things you 

Said but never did.

Still losing the thrills

Cause I keep taking

Your pills,

Will try to remember

What it will be like

To surrender,

This land is your 


I know about love

But I forget about

If I forget the past,

I trust You will 

Make this life last.


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