Late Nights

Its a late night

And another


All those years

Catching the 

Next flight,

I don’t hear 

From you,

Where is 

Here to you.

I don’t run,

I walk,

You’ve been


And its 

Lasting long.

You want to fall

But not to hard,

You want to talk

But barely at all.

Saw you since a kid,

Reading and rehearsing

All the words in red.

Had some faithful days of

Showing up,

No one talked

About growing up.

It’s another late night

Of not getting it right.

Noise and colors on


Am I a blind man,

Forgot about the


Do you still move,

Cause I want to 


Are things looking up,

Or when will I grow up?

Late nights,

Past flights,

Wings and

Wind and we 

All want you to

Change things


I started but I

Am not sure

How its gonna



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