The Air

Trying to get it right

Late at night,

When you’re

Gone it all 

Goes wrong,

You got the

Cure but no 

One here is


I feel it here,

Days until 

You disappear.

Is it the medicine

Or the thoughts

I think,

It’s the heart,

And its about

To sink.

You threw those

Words around,

No one knew

You stayed 

Close to the


When I am gone,

Do you want me


You know its

Over but you 

Still want me

To come over.

Nothing I do 


And that sadness

I can’t get past.

Souls are coming


But few are

Really found,

Should have gave

You everything

When I was young.

Stayed up late,

Praying against

Hate but love

Wasn’t around,

Cause you left,

And there wasn’t

Anything left.

Are you up in the sky,

Or in the air,

Are you good,

Or is this just


I needed a Father,

Now I worry 

About the future.

Nothing is right

Late at night,

No more departures

Or red eyed flights,

Or bags packed

Like there’s no 

One to love.

Nothing is true

About you

In the air,

You’re King,

And I need

You here.


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