A friday night fit,
A friday night dismiss.

Your bed was a little to big,
A little to big for me to fit.
Where would you be now,
That less than perfect sigh,
And that sound that was real loud.

I missed all the one’s I could miss,
Kept that safe and secret for a while.
Found you borderline,
Borderline worthwhile.

Walked and sweated,
Paced myself,
Still regretted it.

Had midnight to look at,
Had nothing else to keep me
Sinking but you were the one
Worth mentioning.

Rewriting it still,
And thrill.

All Night

If there’s love left in me,

Save it for later.

If there’s pride in this,

Then don’t dismiss it.

I’m here to win,

I am not right now.

I feel the see,

I see the feelings.

If vision keeps you up,

The stay up with me.

You asked for years ago,

And love was never a no.

Pride is now,

On top of the day,

But all night I wonder ,

Will you be the one to stay


All night I stay ,

All night I don’t no.

All night I can’t help but lose


Day 1

Night shared a little,

Day rise for ya,

Is stuck on you a good thing?

Or where is the ring..

Am I just a liar at peace,

Or is this the part where you plead

With me?

I rose early to find you,

No stones, no memory, no


Sharing space,

Calling it truth.

I am no expert at finding You.

Night 2

It’s a face to face,

Not a hidden place.

But a secret space

You speak of.

It’s a climb up to You,

Up to something,

Up to us, or nothing.

So why we wait,

Do we pause,

Do we do the because,

Is that the excuse,

Or are you all the muse,

Or nothing at all.


7.1.18 Long rides down freeways, long drives. Craving the things that make it worth it.

Parables and preaching
Living by the half of you,
Or wanting the silence,
After these fast days
And angel waves,
And airport raves.
No, hotel stays,
This is a stop,
And a final.
I need you now,
To stop me loud.

Don’t be clear,
Or concise,
Fearful me,
Shaking for free.

If their is anything terrible,
It would be not knowing
If that was true,
Then why would I cry out
Holy, if not True?

What is the purpose you say,
Or standing instead of sitting?

Either way,
You see me here.



Day #14 : Never

May 14, 2018

Mother’s Day,

On the way.

Never thought we could say this so boldly,

And say never so quickly.

Never want to go back to that place,

Where things were low on space.

We had some white walls,

Some yellow and blue falls.

Some mountain to view,

Some fountain to find.

I wanted it to be about love,

And the mysteries from above.

But you never came to the rescue,

And that was all because of You.

This was the time to remember,

That things are better in December.

When snow will fall,

When blue and yellow are not

Those favorite colors.

When light shines for you.

And you are the one we want.

Thanks to mom’s all over,

For teaching us the secret of feel as broken as you

Know you are.