Gonna make it another day with you here,

Staying around cause we aren’t off the ground,

Testing this blood like a flood,

Got carried away,

Cause all I wanted was love,

Drawing it out, 

Making it spin,

New in town,

Now you gone,

Where’s my phone?

Are you alone?

Got the results back,

Got the past on my back,

Can you be a Father? 

Or are you farther? 

Where is that love they say 

You have? 

Where are you when I need


Talking in circles,

Letting you off cause

I am the one to blame,

I am trouble in this game,

And we are hurt more than

Your words,

I am stuck in my own


And will you come through

For me?

What about love,

When we got no money?

What about debt,

Can I make a dent?

Can I dress up with you


Or are you with your friends?

Got the results back and things

Are whack,

I’ve been there before,

That place they call safe,

Death is always close

And I am still here,

Making myself spin and

In circles we seem to be,

Am I close to freedom,

Or is that to far away?

Most Viewed Podcast for Louder Now.

Louder Now Episode #47: Special Guest Leanne Libas( Autism Awareness Month)

Another great episode of meeting new friends and faces. Leanne is a friend that Jared recently met through NAMI In Our Own Voice. Short BIO:

Leanne Libas is a disability rights advocate and a NAMI In Our Own Voice speaker. She also works with developmentally disabled children on developing independent living skills and communication skills. When she’s not busy with work, she enjoys spending time with her dog and taking a lot naps.

The inspiration from others propels us to never give up no matter what diagnosis we get and no matter how hard it can get there is always hope. We can learn to cope and we can learn to live and thrive with whatever comes our way.

For more information on Autism go here:

If you are feeling overwhelmed and need someone to talk to you can visit:

Or call 800-273-8255

If you want to see Jared’s course on Listenable or access all the links to social media, blog, and videos here is the main link:

Lying Still

Lying still,

Are you still?

This had to come to

An end,

Are you still my friend?

Are we fading into each other?

What about my future?

Am I insane cause I keep

Doing the same old things,

Making your phone ring,

Lip syncing when you


Are you out and staying out?

Is your hair getting there,

Is it gray?

Is this fall,

And are you tall,

Or nowhere at all? 

I am lying still and I can feel,

Something that used to fade,

Something that will be made.

Am I Joy when you call?

Why do you keep asking

If I am happy?

Are you the same,

Or have you changed?

I scroll down,

Are you in town,

Is this a thing all over again,

When you get done with it,

Are you having a fit,

Or do you want to skip

This closeness,

Things were bigger

When they weren’t better,

Now I am a little bitter,

And we should skip over

October, cause that’s when

You were here to stay,

I lye down here,

Same places you were to,

I got a flame and it is not 


I If lye down, still

What will you do,

Where will you be,

Will you be thinking 

Of Me?

Writing About You, Still.

Don’t know what you mean,

When you stand in front of me,

Drove by your house,

Rode on the freeway,

Begged for something new

When I think of You,

Your memories stay like glue,

The faces you have made,

The things that have stayed,

Are you still the same,

Or has your hair changed?

I am not asking to forget,

Just for a rearrange

Of times past, yet are you

Present? Have you overstayed? 

Are you gonna meet up with me?

Same place as we used to be,

Riding ferris wheels in the middle of

The day,

Riding memories for a while,

But I knew it was never for certain

I pull back the curtain,

Are you center stage?

Are you still the same, 

Or have you changed?

Are you home,

And are you alone?

When I drink it down,

I think you are around,

When I drive this town,

When am I gonna get away?

When we drink we talk the same 

Things, are you losing weight,

I know I am not.

Is this the point where you are gone,

And never coming back.

Are we living here forever,

Are we stuck together like glue,

Its been all about you everyday

Since that sunny day,

You cried a little,

You stayed a long time,

Now, I am just wasting time

Thinking you aren’t done yet,

You got some grays,

You got some days,

Are we still drinking,

Blowing smoke in circles,

Asking for the ship not

To sink,

What do you think?

We should be better,

I should be over You,

Would that be better?


Lessons are learning,

Heart is burning,

Oceans away but you call anyway,

Are you better now that you’re older?

Are we together, or are we closer?

Can we be both?

Lessons of love are you passing

Down, is rain a sky thing, or does it

Pour no matter what?

I feel the weight of listening,

I’m up late thinking about you,

But you aren’t going away,

You aren’t fading anytime soon,

You taught some things,

But you lived some shame.

Is there a way to let go,

Or will I always know

How to fail,

how to fall,

How to keep it all hidden


Lessons soon to be learned,

Will loving you be on there?


Is this dusk or is this dawn?

Is this a stay or are you gone?

I am waking up next to nothing,

Love was always hoping and

Always was watching,

I used to have dreams,

I used to fall backwards 

For you,

I dream of high places now,

Is there a place I could go

Where you wouldn’t know?

I am up til dusk thinking about you,

Drinking coffee and you are always

Bothering me,

I see a way out of this mess,

I picture you in your dress,

The ones you used to wear 

For me,

Now you are home,

And nothing has changed.

I ask for Dawn,

Dreams spin and are you 

The one?

Did you call yourself everlasting,

Are you the one that knows

Me all to well?

I can’t sleep right,

I feel you at night,

I hide away and you

Stay the same,

You call and nothing

Does change,

I am fading into the 


Asking for mercy

In the dawn.


Trying to get this right,

Still think of you at night,

Choices leave me dead,

Your body not in this bed

Are you the same as the way

You were with me, or has time

Moved you along,

I know You are music,

But I have stopped singing,

A little less with the dreaming,

I am only stuck when all moves

Past me,

I tried to keep some distance,

But pleasure is less


I feel you deeply

And it messes with me,

Are you sad, or are you

Happy? I’ve lost touch with

My dreams,

I fall back to my own head,

I stay hidden when you want

Me in the open,

I can’t risk and lose again,

Yet I choose your skin,

Fall into you again,

And again,

I know you are noise and

Yet you stay silent,

I know You are colors yet

All is bleak and black and

When will things ever change? 

Trying to get You right,

I stay up with you all night,

Got you covered,

Got your body memorized,

But are you still lonely?

Is this lovely?

You still leave alone,

I am here and I don’t

Know this home,

I know You are Creator and I 

Bow at nothing,

I want change but without


Again, I ask what I always

Ask, how long will this pain


Or, are you saying something


I will call again,

And fall again,

And ask you to stay again,

Your body will never be 

Enough, but I will choose

It again.

When will you come and

Make me better, again?


Saturday here,

Voice I fear,

When you gonna come back around,

You’re buried in the ground,

Nowhere to be found,

Death has a sound,

It’s louder now,

Louder than before.

When you gonna call again,

Cause I crumble when you

Leave, wondering how you sleep,

Do you have peace, or do you just

Close your eyes?

I’m awake and I feel the pain,

Everyone is gone,

They’ve all moved on,

The high places cant get any higher,

The bridges you soon desire,

I’ve been asking for separation,

Would you notice my declaration,

Or am I buried, again, just like you.

My eyes wander,

My heart is in the wonder,

Can you make it thunder?

These blue skies are just the same,

Waiting for you to call me,

Not ready to be a father,

I’m here for you, again,

And again you raise me up,

Saturdays with You