Day #26 -Flat Out

July 23rd

Past tense,


Addition for the subtraction,

An uneven ride it has been,

A unfathomable total is will come to,

All the days, and time spent wondering about you,

Or asking for a redo?

No one is nobody and neither am I!

If this is math then where do you get these kind

Of numbers?

This started with a thought: where do I get life from?

I thirst,

I hunger,

I desire,

Yet I add all of the time I have spent trying to

Follow You, and it doesn’t come through.

I wondered slowly,

And walked daily,

Do I find a fountain to drink from?

Do I find someplace to rest?

Cause I am just like all of you,

Desperate for vision and hope and

Most of all, for Peace.

I thirst,

I hunger,

I ask for the desire..

To change,

To be better,

To hopeless,

To despair,

To all the numbers you pull from the air.

This can’t be fair, can it?

You are flat out true.

You are flat out righteous!

And I still thirst for Justice,

But I still, still am one of those

Men that does not like it!

Days- 25 #..Numbers

Present tense,

Grinding against the self,

Putting your old fear on the shelf.

If this is noise, what kind would it be?

Struggling to come up with the words,

Yet you form them for me?

I can sit back but not relax,

You are the One that created

The Syntax.

Can I form words,

Or numbers?

Yet counting you call

Is your plan, was, will be,

Books opened,


Will open.

Numbers and transgressions.

We are the ones you count,

And track and gather around you.


Day #24 – Sand

Afternoon, Saturday.

I can’t fit into that sit,

And let every kind of thing

Back me down.

Had to head for something

Nearer than you,

Had to ask for just one clue.

And one more renew.

I am drying, and dying,

And it was all about You.

Evening, Sunday.

Church was just a little


Seats, or not, full for the rot.

Am I a faded one too?

Beauty was a pursuit,

And so was that nice shiny


If there was a plan,

Would it be like the

Countless sand?

If I am gonna sit and


How much is the falter,

And the altar?

I am change,

And so are you.

Day #22 -Pasadena

July 21st

It was a sleep in,

A all night inn.

A home you call to stay in.

If I woke up this way it wasn’t because of


If it was anything but a promise,

It was that you make all things new.

Thirsted for the real thing,

Remembered the journey,

You caved me in,

Sunk those ships of comfort,

Started all night,

Started with a fright,

Scared me into the Kingdom,

Left that sorrow behind,

Was to afraid to be kind,

And loving,

That had to come to cost

All but nothing.

I can’t help but wonder,

Where did this hunger come


Are you the one I am drinking

In, eating in,

Or is there more to this Body than

I could have ever wanted?

Sat for the noise,

And lifted the poise,

I too sit here just like you,

But fear,

That hasn’t done anything.

Are you judge,

Are you wrath?

Are you Hell?

Day #20 – L.A.

July 17th

City with a weight on it,

No, that was a song.

City with a neverending blessing on it,

No, that was the same song,

Now, I want the all day,

The smog, and the way.

Traffic is a bust,

Trust is the must.

I am sorrowful over you,

And wasting my love

Trying to find you.

I am riding up the stairs and

Telling you all my fears.

Is this good?

Is this enough?

Is this good enough to stay,

Or should I had the courage to

Walk away?

You invited,

Now I am delighted,

And the way you show it,

Seems to be the worst of the


This L.A. had dreams,

Had passion,

Had all the reasons for


This City had the invite,

Now to late for turning around,

This love,

Is not found in this town.


Day #18- Winter

Asked for more,
And I panted and crawled inside
This poverty,
Sent the clothes to laundry,
But wanted the riches to never
Wash them again.

I go and buy those things that
And your pain is a hover,
Your weather is thunder
With no rain,
You like the shake,
You like the sting,
You like the things you

If I am here,
Its Your earthquake.
The line,
The faults,
The hide,
The vaults,
I have secrets for You,
I have wisdom for You,
I have everything,
And that is all You.

I don’t want the same Friday as before,
When winter was no more,
Bed couldn’t fit anyway,
Had a meltdown trying to
Find this town,
Lost for me is an everyday thing,
Nothing rings,
No phone sings,
No pain like this has ever

Where are you now?
Here in the close shadows you
Call day..
Here in the now you call getaway.

Day #17 Green Street

July 13th

I have an imagined time of talking to you.
And I spend it imagining things.
It will all be one long walk up the stairs and
Into this place,
And if light is clear,
It is never alive at night.
But when I see it,
I want the night.
Better to hide and side
To side with the times I
Can’t let it glide.
I wanted memories and I
Wanted them my own way.

You wanted to fade just the same,

But it was never sane,

Or plain,

If I skip a line,

It won’t be what you expect.

If I write the same things as I did before,

Its because I can’t get over wanting more.

Hunger was an invest,

Hunger was a digest.

I thought you had something a little better for me,

But eating has never felt so empty.

Green behind the ears,

Or clouded with fears,

Food not so discreet,

I left that on Green street,

But the drive left it over,

Left it game over.