Day #12: Dreams

I am on the high,
I am the why.
I am walking on the wire.
I am searching for the hire,
I am feeling the favor.
I am going backwards,
Just for a minute,
Just for some regret,
Just in some kind of
Rewind time.
I am on the high,
Was leaving your place
On fire,
Don’t want to be leaving
Here a liar,
Had to swear,
Had to hold it,
Had to clamp down on it.
Had to get you while you
Were down,
Had to make some magic
Happen, then again,
Then the sweat,
Then the dreams,
Then the sound of
All that passes when
You get to leaving.
I was feasting
I was leasing,
I was reasoning,
I had a lot of You,
Now, did I?
Had to start the flame,
Had to remember your
Cause you pretty people,
Are all looking the same.
Had to hold onto it,
Just for a little while longer
Just because you asked me to.
But don’t miss this,
Don’t miss this, life,
Don’t be walking away
From me, now,
You got just 12 days in,
And you want out?
These dreams aren’t
Fading anytime soon.

Day #11: Should

Should you be the one, now?
Cause I am desperate, somehow.
Tell me if its then,
But I need this,
I need it now.
Let’s get real specific.
I am not saving.
I am not saving it.
I am not putting it away.
I am not telling you to go away.
I am not running, when I should be.
I am not making those deposits you
Call future.
You call, future safety.
Are you against?
Or, are you for me?
Is this a weapon forged
By the enemy,
Or is this just part of the fight.
Should I keep living in despair,
Living without any repair,
Or, are you, here.

Day #10: No Good

Tuesday May 1, 2018
No good,
Fly away,
Do it with me.
Ready for the touch,
That down,
That real good sound.
No, I left it a mess,
And left you like this.
I am sorry I never said it
But I never thought about
Trying to screw it up.
If you were here, would you be?
Cause I am still,
In it.
In this with you,
And the parts of me,
Are those parts of speech.
No good.
Dear, everyone,
Pause for me.
Survive for me.
Cause I got the sword,
Ready for the fight.
Miss you now,
Missed the midnight.
A better good.
No good.

Dear Everyone

This could be..

One of those have everyone kind of post.

You don’t go after balance,

You surrender it.

Because as soon as you start

To ask for safety,

You will never get it.

Dear, everybody..

I was in the process of trying to stop all this,

But you are out there..

You and my hotel heart..

Going to sell those lyrics from the start..

You are the one waiting for me..

And I can’t write this letter..

Without remembering You..

Day #9 Should I?

Should I stay with this,

Cause it never seems to have an ending.

All that was and is shall be neverending,

And eternal, and lasting really long in the


Are you transition?

And the change?

Are you here on this journey to?

Are you the one that is making all the clues,

Cause nothing ever seems to come back to You.

I have been looking for hunger,

And it looks like water,

And it looks like sugar,

And it looks like this late night is not


It looks like a new bed,

A new frame,

A new kind of name,

Well, is it needed?

Or are you never at rest

Wherever you are,

And wherever you want to be?

Should you start over?

Start over on hunger,

Yes, maybe,

Or, no, not now,

And not never.

Life has made a way,

Has gathered at night,

Has watched the stars set,

And is waiting for the right.

Should you stay,

Should I?

I think I will.


Day #8 : Making Up for It

Day #8 of #60daysofpoetry. 4.17.18 Tuesday.

I am making up for it,
I am on the run for it.
I am feeling the it,
Running me in and through this.
I am waiting for you to call,
I am waiting for next fall,
Maybe it will happen then.
I am running backwards,
And I am running forwards.
I was searching,
I was looking,
I was running,
Find me here,
Making up for lost time.
Making up for the regret
It took to get us here.
I was never sure how
To take this,
If I should lie before I
Tell You the truth.
If you should show me,
If you should show me,
Is love your best kind of proof?
Are you the mystery, now?
Are You the mystery of the fountain?
Is it ready?
Or is it empty?
Cause I am drying up,
I am dying up,
I am on the looking up,
Not asking for the hook- up,
Asking for the grow up.
I’ve lost it,
Now I am asking for it,
I am making up for the lost time,
All the lost time that was not spent
With You.