Highlights from my 3 trips to Seattle..


Fire/ Monday

Throwing myself back at it,
Burning and collecting,
This day was rain and rage,
Rage building and burning,
Moving cars and doors and
Getting rides from strangers..
We have lingered and lasted this long..
I thought I could do this alone,
All along.
But I can’t..
There is a flame rising
Deep inside this torched deck.
Movement from within and movement
From without..

First Time

It wouldn’t be your first time deleting that,

Pressing completed,

Pressing deleted.

Waited for thoughts to form,

For the bad form,

For the last time to be the

First time.

I don’t regret anything,

Just all the things that still

Linger, that still feel like


Cause I am scared,

Like I have been before.

Teacher said, ” Writing is showing,

Not telling,”

I don’t know how to show,

Not just yet.

This won’t be the first time

I tell, it won’t be the last either.

Everything called ‘Show,’

Well, that is to be continued..

Day #60 – The End

September 28th

Is this is the end?

The end of thirst,

or hunger, or both?

The end of despair,

The part called repair,

Pulled in, pulled out,

Not at the right kind of time,

You tasted some of me,

And I felt some of you,

I made this pleasure thing last

As long as it could,

The labels and the boxes were wrong,

And not true,

In the end it still would come back to You.

I sought to wander,

To find a fountain,

To find a mountain to climb and win!

Just a rut, and in it!


Day #59 – Almost

Almost the end,

Of the day,

Of the dry,

Of the spy and the land,

And the giants to try and to


Now it is almost,

It is almost there,

I had some care,

And a fountain to stare,

To drink from,

To do some,


And damages were done.

Never should I have said yes

To the undress and all that came


But now you are here,

And I am far,

And we are almost as far

Away as we were before.

Day #58 – Days are Gone

September 10th

Those days were like along,

Like Shine Along,

Days before, weeks before,

I was trying to explore,

And say no more to the waste

That Friday would call to me,

And correct with me.

It was a walk,

But not of fame,

Maybe more so about the shame,

Days are gone,

You know, the one’s without you..

Overshare, or never aware, never

To much, and never to little to ever

Say again to You.