Day #18- Winter

Asked for more,
And I panted and crawled inside
This poverty,
Sent the clothes to laundry,
But wanted the riches to never
Wash them again.

I go and buy those things that
And your pain is a hover,
Your weather is thunder
With no rain,
You like the shake,
You like the sting,
You like the things you

If I am here,
Its Your earthquake.
The line,
The faults,
The hide,
The vaults,
I have secrets for You,
I have wisdom for You,
I have everything,
And that is all You.

I don’t want the same Friday as before,
When winter was no more,
Bed couldn’t fit anyway,
Had a meltdown trying to
Find this town,
Lost for me is an everyday thing,
Nothing rings,
No phone sings,
No pain like this has ever

Where are you now?
Here in the close shadows you
Call day..
Here in the now you call getaway.

For 2

Thought I’d be the one to share this with you,

This night has never been blue,

It’s always been dark and black,

And it feels like I’m on the attack,

If this is nothing but the truth then that’s good enough,

Cuz at least it’s better than hiding,

And we all know how good you are at that,

If there’s something to say and to speak,

I hope it comes out of a place of need.

It took two to get here,

Two stories to tell,

Two crimes to commit.

Yeah in the end I feel it’s just one,

One More Night,

One more crime,

One last time,

Is never the end of this ride.

Everyone has got to have a reason,

To make that movie again,

To get to filming,

To get to remembering..

I can’t lock this away anymore,

And pretend like you don’t hear me at

The door,

I think I have to stay,

But it’s because I want to.

I think you have two more friends,

And two more places you can still go,

I think you have 2 sins you hate,

And two directions you can go,

I know this night had to be fast,

Trying to find you,

Trying to stay a little bit longer,

But the two hardest things in life,

Is everything that has to do with making

Things right.

So leave this place,

But don’t try to pretend and stay,

And if you try to run away,

I hope you have two more reasons,

Why that place was never good enough,

And,  while you’re on the run..

There’s two more times,

For two more crimes,

They are fear and regret,

And I think more than twice

They will try to come back again,

But this is where I need you,

To be the better friend.