Caffeine tower

Empty lighter

Cigarette full of empty

Something to say has always haunted me

Talker, fast walker, a use to be runner

Sunny side up on those eggs

Dark shadows like bags to carry

Roads real scary for those that want

No fear—worthy is a worthless word

Without the work of not being sure—

Effort is a slave to the peace it takes

To please You, never a yoke without

A stroke, never rest without nights of

Regret for time spent on paying rent—

Is money my curse when I don’t have

A purse to fill with empty pennies?

Questions with no answers is my cancer—

I will answer them in due time

But until then I will sacrifice

The caffeine, the sugar, the lean

And the fat and the news that You

Reward those who seek You, its in

Your hands—the rewards that You



Extravagance like a lottery ticket

Pay you in full when I am done being dull

Alive as alive can be was never me—

A heart beats, a praise in the streets—

Dance or dirge until there is a purge from

Above—I have to many little excuses that have

Made one big problem—Are you good? Are you

For me? Is not living a tragedy? Heart bleeds, heart

Beats, flooded like when we were kids, like rain,

Like pain—slept on the floor for closer to the ground

Was a better kind of security, lowly was the King of Kings

But now I wait for a rearrange,

I carry pocket change,

A penny Savior, a Ramen flavor, a broken microwave

Of religious dreams—I saw the sun and remembered

When summer did cost something—

Extravagant lover, no more leftovers,

Poverty is on the inside, outer me says pretty

With no pain—I will not die today and live tomorrow—

Only extravagance can fuel this romance, can

Keep me going after you and the faces that reflect



Out of my head
Is the led poison that got
Me here anyway,
Carried it but covered it
Up with that thing called
Be better, called work harder,
I cannot rest, daily beating my
A life of nothing is my greatest
Fear, a life of favor without
Flavor, a dry and I dull life,
With nothing but a loveless
Proof of existence,
What is to gain through
All the pain? what is waste?
What is a dream and what is not
Daily it seems to never go away
The thought of not wanting
To waste away,
Love for the lonely,
Empty is the way,
Death to pave the
Way for living forever,
It is written in me,
To not die so slowly,
Alive is the only place to
Live and to be!


A car to get to you
A freeway adventure
A new golden denture
A new smile from the deeper
Parts of you, that life you have
Lived and given back to be
I am a lover, I am a fighter
I am the inheritor, walls from
A child like me that lived
To entertain the crowd that has
Walked real loud,
I am making a noise,
Losing my poise,
I am always afraid of
The beauty You display,
Creation in Your grip,
You took it, better than a
Caped crusader, voice like
Darth Vadar,
Only one risen has risen
Out for me,
Death to the hell that follows
A life giver like the one you
Made me to be,
Too much medicine
Has coaxed the lesion
Upon these sleeves,
Pain is wonderful, the hurt
As a counselor,
The hope of the comforter,
It’s Your smell I can’t
Get rid of,
Tragedy is living for death
When life is taking place,
One love is the love You
Offer, perfect father

Shadow Power

Had a shadow
Had a crowd
Yes I am loud but
I am afraid,
Voice raised and eternal
Praise, sold planners for
Better dinners, a mulled over
Mule he was, living dull but
More like a shadow that has
Not left,
Immaturity follows the image
Of me, from afar are those
Looks You give, longer
And softer is the love
That outweighs the weather,
I am called upon to change
History, the story of what was
Written for me,
Shadow power
Come to me,
Dead to rise when I
Walk past them,
Show me again and to
Them just how good you are


Everlasting at 4am
Eternal weeping,
Tears of anger
For a baby to become a
Man, upon Yourself You
Took it, I am in this ticket
For two, movie theater lights
And brights that try to comfort
Me, I am the usher with no
Flashlight, I am up all night,
Cops verse the cape and
There is still an ache,
Bus pass around this broken
City, they line up for it weekly,
Those who want no mercy,
Thirsty the poor man says for
Just a little relief,
For unbelief is the currency
Of heaven,
Walking in the Son,
Shadow power is in
My grasp, I waste my life
Just to ask for authority,
Instead I have constant agony,
Death to this thing called
Volition, called final election,
I am in need of capacity,
To contain, to obtain a new
Promise, problems with power,
Poor is more,
Death must follow a life fully
In love


Counselor, counselor
Teach me the story of me
And my plastic dreams
Fire is what I have always
Desired, though it has always
Costed everything to carry
This flame,
Turbulence says me for a life
Of power in the air, power in
The warfare up there,
I love the principality called
Me and my destiny,
Pain has taught me to
Unwind the walls, to say
Yes to the exits that form around
Me, summer never satisfies
For it’s burning gold here anyway,
The heat of no one is the great
Invitation to me,
Lonely is the city of light
The city of angels,
The city of height and width
But rarely it has depth,
Paltry are these requests,
Salted is the mystery You
Keep for me,
History has only taught me
To love all that is not easy,
Warmth daily, comfort maybe,
I cannot demand anymore of
The suite life,
But in You I will embrace what
Any man would run away from,
Growing numb I resist,
Face oneself to love that which
You have made