Picture frames down and earning crowns around you

Love abounds inside of us now, in the air and talked about

Daily, come to me you said slowly, but in hesitation I blasted

The music loudly and thought rapidly that I am not good enough

To pick myself up in front of you now, for years of shame have

Created a distance between us, tempted to stare at that mirror

Daily and doubt you daily and write myself off hastily now, self

Hatred and unhappy that’s not for me, for the resurrection has

Slipped inside my vision now and commanded that hesitation to

Go away, stones rolled away have gotten in the way, the vision

Of you is haunting me and removing all the hostility, fear has crept in

No more and hesitation has now been destroyed for the images

Of you is much to greater for me to deny the Savior and I still

In need but I do proceed to live afraid sometimes and you

Calm that all the time, so sleep peacefully tonight and

End the hesitation inside me now

Here’s The Future But No Promises

Well I am back at taking time to invest in the writer in me to actually produce stuff or else how am I a writer in public?

I’ve made a million promises on this blog as to where I want to go with the Ruckus. The current loud-smashing news of my perspective and my ploys to create. Ambition must meet intention must meet reality and production. Making Ideas Happen is on the list of books to read that might help with that.

Last year I hit a vein, not a literal vein, although I could discuss how getting blood drawn is the worst experience ever, its up there with the dentist.

I had the pleasure this past summer with my job with Awakening Teen Camp(led by my best bro Zack attack!) to work with amazing people. This past year I taught 8 sessions on media in an elective 2 hour format. It was a lesson learned in time for sure. But in preparation for the class I gleaned on one major source. Story by Robert McKee.This book will transform your life if you want to write for the screen. It has made a huge impact, a paramount one in regards to how the future looks.

So, 100 pages later of notes(almost) I had a ton of material that I really didn’t go through. Its an endless subject and why not bring you into it.

So look closely into this blog and look forward to my thoughts on mastering the art of storytelling and the future of stories to come. It will do nothing but inspire you to write with passion and love for reviving storytelling.

Recommended Readings: Story by Robert Mckee; Screenplay by Syd Field; Fitzgerald Did Itby Meg Wolitzer; Poetics By Aristotle and many more to come!



The Power Of Fasting

Its good to be back writing for this site. I love it! Today, I want to talk about the power of fasting. You might be thinking, ugggh..fasting is so hard! Why? Well, that is a normal response but let me give some clarity to this.

Fasting in the bible is mentioned multiple times. There are many types of fasting. I don’t want to define where and why these are in scripture. I want to focus on the one most common to myself and those around me; the bridegroom fast.

There are two passages(Math.9;John 3 that connect the concept of fasting for the bridegroom. In Mathew 9 the religious leaders of the day questioned Jesus’ disciples and why they don’t fast. Jesus responded: “Can the friends of the bridegroom mourn as long as the bridegroom is with them? But the days wil come when the bridegroom will be taken away from, and then they will fast.

Jesus is telling us that we are His bride, this is highlighted all over in Scripture. Second, He is saying that He is going to one day NOT be with us and that is when we will fast. But why? ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for they will be filled..right? Yes, we know that the only thing that will satisfy us is Jesus. The ache on the inside of us is the longing that God placed in us to be with Him in intimacy. But while we are alive on this side of eternity we are longing for Jesus to, one, come back for us! That is glorious! And we are also crying out to be satisfied. He is the answer to that groan.

Jesus is the bridegroom and we desire for Him to return. Jesus is telling us: fast until I come back. John the Baptist proclaimed that ‘His joy was full because He heard God’s voice..He must increase, I must decrease!’ John got a hold of this revelation.

So what does fasting do for us and in us? Fasting(food, media, sugar, exc)

1. Makes our heart more receptive to His word and in prayer.

2. Gives us clarity in wisdom and revelation.

3. Unlocks our hearts in a greater way.

4. Makes a bigger target to receive more from God.

5. Causes us to face our weaknesses

6. Produces the fruit of the Spirit inside of us(Gal.5)

I encourage you to take one day a week and fast two of three meals. Eat one good meal that day. Take the time that you would spend eating or having that social time with your friends and tell your parents about it and spend time with the Lord in that time.

Fasting is not about not doing something, its about getting more from the Lord in the secret place.

If you can’t fast two meals then just do one and as time goes on your body will be used to it and it will be a little easier to enter in as time goes on. Just start small, it all counts before the Lord!

More On Growing Up(get vision)

I find myself often blogging very fast, saying what I say and leaving it alone and moving on to the next thing but recently most of my thoughts have been staying on the same subjects so this calls for some more explanation to these things. I am referring to older posts in the past few months.

I posted a while back quoting the New York Times article while also mentioning a very eye opening book called Generation Me. Both of these sources say the same thing. There is a crisis in our generation and it is mostly concerned with growing up. Our subjective selfish tendencies are to be consumed with ourselves. Thinking of only me myself and I and everyone else gets the back burner(even ones we love, even our own families)

What am I saying? I had mentioned in that post the idea that marriage has been lifted to a later age then it was in the 70’s and even say also the 80’s until now. I can’t even begin to think of how many things have shifted in our world just in the past decade. That is a whole post in it of itself.

Point being: the way that 18-25 year olds think about the world is radically different then the way that same age range thought about life just 20 years ago. You could muck it up to the plain truth that of course things change as decades pass because we invent new things, think new ways, learn from mistakes and make new ones all the time. But, and I emphatically say but because more than any other generation ours is the most concerned with false hopes.

We haven’t experience the black Tuesday in 1929 where people were jumping out of buildings but we are steadily and subtly experiencing a false sentiment of what it means to succeed in America.

The main reasons for stalling in your twenties is how you see yourself in life. In the present day my generation believes mostly that we have the right and entitlement to things that don’t belong to us and are not meant for us.

We believe that we deserve the world to treat us like kings and queens but we can’t make our own bed and wake up early and keep a steady job yet we want to be the richest people in the world.

We are starstruck with ambitions to be actors, musicians, screenwriters(I myself want to do this one).Or the success with no work into it. This is why the percentage of people finishing college if way more than those that start. This is why few have Doctor before their first and last name because its about 10 years of arduous study. Most of us would not want to do that much work but that is what it might take for some of us.

Not bad goals but very broad and mostly unrealistic. Very few make it in the business of being original to the degree that you are lucrative off your creativity. I wish it was true that what you are good at will make you money but that seems to be a huge error in our world right now.

Which brings me lastly to say, what we want is unclear because we don’t fully know who we are and where we are going. We lack vision.So, we have false expectations, we are wasting more time then using it wisely which leads to the lack of growing up and taking responsibility and we think that we can have our cake and eat it too.

We don’t value hard work, caring for others(as in not being so self-consummed you don’t send your parents birthday cards), We don’t want to be accountable for what we do which has led to a life of convenience lacking responsibility.

Now, this might sound negative and I think we all stink and need to grow up. No, that is not my point but I do believe that in our twenties and even if you are 12 years old reading this it is important that we grab a hold of the right vision for our lives.

If we do not have vision then we perish. If you haven’t been to IHOP or have not heard Power of a Focused Life I do recommend those resources but most pertinent to you should be the answer to yourself: what is my purpose?

And your purpose is 10o million percent connected to what Jesus’ vision is for your life. What He says about us. What He tells us to focus on, what he deems to be what you can’t take with you when you see Him face to face. What will happen when our lives are before His burning eyes, what will we say?

My goal in saying this is to provoke the ones who are “stuck” in the stream of mucking it up to being young and justifying screwing around which is understandable in our culture but is not what the Lord is saying and doing. There are tons of you who are on the course of having vision for your life but this post goes out to those of you that feel like you are wandering and squandering your time. Living with constant angst about the future.

I empower you to go before the throne of grace, repent if need be for wasting time(and need be I need to repent to as I am saying this) and press delete and put yourself in a place where you desire vision from heaven. Having good counsel and good friends is great, its helpful to listen to older ones who have that life experience but that can’t be an end in of itself, we all must go before the throne of grace with these issues.

God wants to mature us, he wants us to grow up because He has so much in store for us and if we are not able to bear it then I don’t think He will give it. Many are called but few are chosen, think about that for a bit. The call is for everyone but few say yes and actually DO IT and actually follow through.

I want you and me to succeed before heaven. We are already loved by God it does not change but because God is full of mercy and love for us He does not want us to wander and waste our lives. He wants us and I want this for myself to be bold in that day and pleased with our offering before Him.

Let us be found watching, waiting and praying.


The Back Row And The Passed By

Many times I think to myself that because I am in a culture of prayer and fasting and “radical” has become a catchphrase I loose sight of the purpose behind loving Jesus to begin with. I am an IHOPer and always will be. The purpose of this post is to not expound on that point because I have nothing negative to say about IHOP rather I am reflecting this one idea: what does it mean to be humble and what would it do to us if we were seemingly passed by. Passed by our leaders, or those we want to lead us that “aren’t” noticing us. Our aim can so easily be the aim of getting the center of the stage and making that the vision statement of our lives. Our profiles, our names, our business cards, our facebook pages, our status in life at some nirvana of revelation.

The list of what we want to become can outweigh why we are here in the first place. Here is not IHOP, here is the Christian life. The life that is centered and founded on a God who chose to become humble by becoming a man. A God who uses humility as the rod in correcting and establishing His kingdom.

If God is going to not be pleased or care much about what I just listed..our to do list, our values. Then, what is He pleased with? Then what does bring true delight to His heart? A broken and contrite heart, a humble man or woman and the meekness it will take to be passed by.

Humility and meekness are the ways in which we are to live and how we are supposed to carry our hearts. To really break it down, its like this. You are the King of the Castle, you own everything and everyone. You have all the riches in the world, all the money, all the pomp and hype in your name. You have an abundance of resource that you can do anything with yet you choose to not use those resources to make your name known. You don’t use your castle to make you look big when it could be used for that.

Humility is us having the Castle and yet choosing to live as if that Castle does not define how we live and who we are. We, in the kingdom, have the Castle, we have all of heaven! We have everything God offers to humanity; we are His children. Yet God delights in us going as low as we can to serve others and Him so that whether we are on the stage or not we would have a contrite heart that is always loving Him.

We start to grasp this a little and I think our insecurities about who we are and what we are called to do will begin to shatter. When our desire to be bold and not deny our gifts but to walk in an attitude of heart that pleases Jesus we get to the point where all we want is Him and who cares if we get passed by, who cares if people don’t notice me, who cares if I don’t get that position over there. The reason is simple: nothing matters but the eyes of heaven. Yes, we care about people’s opinion, we don’t want to be mean in the name of being “care free” of opinion, but I could care less if people think I am so paramount in my Christianity. I want this to be my prayer and I want this to be what I sew into those around me.

Passed by, overlooked, not looked at all, not even noticed, not even recognized; Lord take it all!!

Write the right way

Many times when I sit down to write something I don’t think through how I should say something. I do this because I love clicking the Publish button. I enjoy the feeling that I just typed some words and am eager to hear what people think. What I’ve come to realize is that this isn’t the best way to write. Rather than writing just to write, we(if you struggle with this) should take time to write the right way. The right way should not keep us from creativity and imagination but it should help with our communication skills. If one is writing the right way then how can we tell the difference between a good writer and a bad one? What would set apart a good writer from a bad writer? I seek to be known as a good writer and not just good because someone likes me but good because what I’m saying is clear and thought out, informative and interesting.

You don’t have to leave a comment and tell me I am a good writer because maybe you really don’t think that way, my feelings aren’t hurt, but you can leave a comment and tell me what you think in regards to good writing verses bad writing.

Audacious travel goals(leaving for Cali. in 8 hours)

I will pick up the Easter discussion next week.

Two months ago I went home and visited my family for the first time in seven months. Visiting family can mean a plethora of things for people, for me it is always exciting. Read here.

I plan on not blogging for five days, so I might just write like a camel and give you a verbose post in order to make up for five days of not writing. A Camel stores up water for weeks and months at a time in order to survive the rigors of the blistering hot deserts. Humans can only go three days without water before death seems like a convenient option. Humans also can go millions of days without reading The Ruckus Journal, but it helps me to imagine millions of people desperately clamoring for Ruckus news and “pearls of wisdom.”

Average Diehl Family reunion looks like(from Journal)

“Obscure interjections at the dinner table that we all make at each other every 30 seconds. We(especially me) as a family have the “gift of interruption.” I think I have grown in this area since I have been away for almost three years but every time I go home I see my lack of growth in interrupting others. On the flip-side it is family and fighting each other with words that is apart of the ruckus, its apart of growing. The more I open up to my family the more I can trust that they will trust my idiosyncrasies and all the things they don’t see each day in KC.”

Family has the “gift of discernment.” Whether you call that term a biblical one or not, family sees right through your lying tendencies. If Jared is lying to Alyssa than mom just knows it. If dad is exaggerating to all of us his next ambition in life we all know it. If mom sings a song and thinks she can sing than we all just tell her she can’t sing, but she can do a multitude of other wonderful things. If Jared still thinks he is going to model for Abecrombie than mom, dad and sister all agree that those guys in the posters actually exercise, so Jared is disqualified.

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