Face Him

Cops verse the cape and
There is still an ache,
Fake tattoo forged for
You, selfie us the wretched
Tragedy, alone is the new
Suicide, behind the phone
Is the new home,
I cannot call out anymore
For I press sleep in and
Snore, but now is the time,
On the curb man waits and
Doesn’t hesitate,
Add the weight,
Add the sugar
Add me a new flavor,
I am dead while I seem to
Live, but I will not stop,
I will give it all,
I will face Him,
Behold, says Him, do not
Waste your youth,
Death is proof nothing
Can do it like knowing Him,
I will spin in circles
I will push myself down,
I will not just survive,
I am going to face death
And the fear that comes with it,
I will last more than my peers,
I will know more that all those
Around me,
If that is pride then I do
Not want to hide,
I will face Him,
I will ask again,
Keep me alive while
I remain in the pain of
Living this life

Best And Worst Halloween Costumes

In light of Halloween happening in the next 12 hours I am going to share the best and worst costumes I have worn on Halloween. Because of moving around so much through the years I don’t have that many costume photos of me actually wearing them, but I will post the picture of what I kind of maybe sort of looked like.

Every year as a kid I did go trick or treating  but to stay out of trouble(and to stay safe) I always went to the Fall Festival at my church in Colorado, Resurrection Fellowship.

My very first memory of dressing up was either 9 or 10. I was a pirate. My mom was a flight attendant, dad was a pilot and my sister was a Hawaiian girl.


After the pirate( I would say not the worst attempt) I was a hockey player. I put makeup on my face to make it look like I had been in a hockey fight. I would also not rate it the worst. After dressing up like a hockey player I was Jesus one year and that is a picture I won’t post but it was kind of real to the true Jesus but I was unable to grow a beard at 12or 13 years old.


I would have to say that the worst of the worst costume was 2009( 4 years ago) I dressed up at Trader Joes as Aladdin. I don’t have the photo with me but just imagine a really girly purple cut up tight looking shirt with a red scarf as my headband and a fake monkey( I think Apu??) on my shoulder. It was really ridiculous.

Fall 2005 at IHOP-KC we did a dress up like Benji Nolot party and he got to dress up like me. It was really funny because at that time I would always wear black socks with brown shoes, or the other way around, and I would wear sleeveless shirts to show off my muscles. This picture is literally 8 years old.

me and benji

This picture of the fur coat was a daily costume in 2003-04 my senior year of highschool. It is worth posting how many silly things I did for attention.

fur coat

Last but not least is the many years(16, 18 and last year at 26) that I was Spiderman. The one where I am leaping in the air is from summer 2004 just after graduating high school. My friends and I went to the opening of SpiderMan 2 and we had also been the the premiere of the first one in 2001, I also dressed up for that.


And this final picture was last years. Goes to show that tighter is not always better or means it will make you look stronger.


 Well, that is that. Have a Happy Happy Halloween. I still don’t know what I will be on this day but I will always laugh and smile at what I have been in the past. 🙂

Jack Continued

Thanks to Amanda Beattie here are some more Jacks in history. Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack the Ripper, Jack from the Muppet Movie (“Jack not name, jack job!”) Capt. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

After watching Meet the Parents last night Jack Burns is played by Robert De Niro. The overprotective sly EX-CIA interrogator that drives his daughter’s prospect for marriage into a myriad of disappointments. In the end, it all works out but man, that Jack guy is a tough cookie to please.

The movie Jack starring Robin Williams is similar to The Currious Case of Benjamin Button where aging and time  are all backwards. Jack is a ten year old trapped in an 40 year old body. There was a show in the 1950’s called the Jack Benny Show. How could I leave out the famous Jack Johnson and even the famous story of Jack Frost turned to a movie in 1998. Jack Frost Big Boulder is a resort in northern Pennsylvania.

More than just names we, as a culture, have adopted popular sayings around the name Jack. We say, “that’s jacked” or the plane just got hijacked. He is a jack of all trades and if you want some greasy fast food you can always visit Jack in the Box. Which Kansas City doesn’t offer this opportunity(you gotta drive to St. Louis, and me and Z almost did it once).

Well, the list of Jack’s seems like it could go on forever. And that’s what I would like, give me some more names or references.

Leonardo Dicraprio

I am sitting here with Gangstaz Nation President Joshua James. We are sitting on the couch at Mr. Tom Cole’s house and it is currently 1 o’ clock in the morning. I am having a great time laughing and talking about life and looking through the Tom Cole movie collection, he has the most I’ve ever seen in one single person’s collection.

Mr. President J James says, ” I don’t like that Leonardo Dicaprio guy, more like Dicraprio.”

Now, I know what you are thinking, why would I spend time writing about this. Two reasons, I haven’t blogged consistently since the summer, so anything that seems somewhat interesting to write about I am going to throw it out there and secondly, I am a really big Leonardo Dicaprio fan, so saying he is crappy just hurts my feelings.

Its cool I am over it.

If you want to see Leo in his youth check him out on Growing Pains (he’s the homeless kid who gets taken in by Kirk Cameron) and watch the movie This Boy’s Life.

No such thing

There is no such thing as a perfect day, there is only a perfect God who brings us through each day.

There is no such thing as a perfect man on this earth, only one who did walk and roam and love His own, only He is worthy to be called perfect.

There is no such thing as love at first sight, but only infatuation and curiosity, then maybe you will find yourself intoxicated with the presence of another.

There is no such thing as Jared Diehl being 21 anymore. He just turned 22 two weeks ago.

‘There is no such thing’ is a title of a story of someone I know that hopefully isn’t reading this and thinking to them-self that I am stealing the title.

There is no such thing as being discovered, there is only those who just plain and simple stand out and shine.

There is no thing as no such things and things that we cannot write about yet, things that I cannot express to you yet, for if I told you such things you would not believe them to be true. See if you know what I mean and I am not trying to not make sense just let me know if it makes sense.

What has happened to all the Ruckus?(or lack thereof)

For those of you that still think I care about blogging–I do.

For those of you that have no clue what is going on in my life in the past few months because I have not been blogging- I am sorry.

Ruckus: To make a noisy commotion, to cause a great disturbance. The recent ruckus has been a wrestling and contending with the Holy One. I have been in a real intense season of not feeling much commotion and hearing HIS disturbing voice.

My life is not my own and the more I own up to that the more I am used by God. Dying to be used by Him is the painful and difficult process that us Christians face each day. As Paul said, “I DIE DAILY.” I have been learning how to lean on Him each day and not focus on the areas in my life where I feel like I am failing but rather the places where He is working righteousness and holiness in me and building Godly character that will last for all of eternity.

When I am in seasons like this it is hard for me to write a lot because I want my writing to be open. Not so open that you know my deepest secrets but open enough where what is currently going on in my life comes out in my writing.

NO, I don’t have a girlfriend. I have thought about it a lot in the past five or six months. Two of my really good friends(McCrew) from back home are getting married. CONGRATS TO ANDY AND BRI! They were married on Aug. 24, 07. And my best friend AARON HUPP IS MARRYING THIS GIRL NAMED ADRIELLE. I am a groomsmen in his wedding. I will be in Colorado again November 2 for his wedding.

The reason I mention considering having a girlfriend is because besides being at a place like IHOP that is full of a plethora of single people and mostly female single people; one feels like they are missing out on something if they are not in a “relationship.” I am not saying everyone I know feels like they are missing out because they are single I am saying that I am sure people have felt this way before and have wondered why they feel this way. I have been trying to give myself some perspective on where I am at in my life. Maybe this is you, maybe not.

1. I am young and have plenty of time to prepare myself for something like marriage:

I am 21 years old, I will be 22 in 6 weeks. Lamentations 3:27 says, “It is good for a man to bear the yoke while he is young.” This verse tells me that while I have the most strength in my life and while I have all of this vigor and vitality I shouldn’t squander it on myself but rather use it to grow in my relationship with God. The reason why this is important is because in pursuing a deep intimate relationship with Jesus I am preparing myself for marriage. Because I will take what I have cultivated with God and bring that with me into a future relationship. So, I am young and I have a lot of time NOT to waste, so I should spend it on God.

2. While I am single I should learn how to be friends with women around me

I have been thinking about how when I was in junior high and high school how I was anti-friends-with-girls because if I wasn’t going to date them then what is the point of being there friend. This is lame and not the way Christians should do things. First off, whoever you end up dating you should be friends with them before you become a “couple.” Dating someone is taking the step beyond being friends with a person and moving towards falling in love before marrying them. As men, we should learn how to honor and respect the women in our midst. You don’t have to be friends with every girl that is in your sphere of influence but you should find someone that you can have a healthy friendship with.

In conclusion, life as a single man is good and I am grateful and thankful for the people in my life that encourage me to not overthink relationships and simply give myself to the Lord in these early years.

Give me your thoughts about this one.



Coming from a guy who has dressed up(new header: spidey 2 opener) as Spider-Man for the last two movies its ironic for me to use idolized to describe the world’s greatest superhero.

In the last decade of summer blockbusters and the few holiday hits, we have seen a plethora of superhero remakes.

Advantageous Hollywood has taken the simple comic book stories that our parents grew up with and have made them epic adventures for all ages to enjoy.



Final Draft of ChronoIANS( I am posting one hour prior to live performace in NT Class)

ChronIANs: A rap of the chronological order of NT(when written, not the canon)


Written by Jared Diehl

Rap Name: Martin Silverfox (been rap/stage name for five years)

Kansas City Rap Name: Silverfox in Kansas City

Special thanks to: Friday writer’s group(especially Lizzie!)

Special thanks to: Fox Hills in Fort Collins, CO for the 4 years of High school

Special thanks to: Zack Attack and ZJ productions

Special thanks to: My parents and Jesus for creating my tan skin

Amount class paid: $17.69


Class: Terry Teri’s New Testament Theology

Date: Monday April 23, 2007



In the beginning Galatians

Musing James and

Pasta-Paul’s Thessalonians

The Carnal Corinthians

Capital R——Romans

Gospel Eight Mark an–d

Individual Phile–mon

Christ raising Colossians

Reviving Ephesians

Luke the physician scribblin’

Acts of the Apostles n’ Jews n’ Gentiles seeing all kinds of revivals



Chain jingling Philippians

Young Tim don’t be afraidIAN

Titus fighting evil Cretans

Second Tim, Paul’s drink offer—in’


Persecuted Peter’s Dispers—in

False teaching for the second time n’ (some call him Simon)


Tax collecting Mathew—and

The wandering Hebrew


Teeny Twenty Two book of Jude( 24 verses dude)

Pretty Lady second Johnny to the little childrn’ 

False Christ swaying an confessing sin n’

divine healing in third John an—d

John’s Gospel n’

Rogue men torching in the book of RevelatIAN————we done with the chronIANs.


*Wish me luck, I am still fighting the sickness.

Take me for a ride in a fast fast fast sports car

I think the thing I most enjoy about my life is talking about my life.

I think the thing the people out there should know is when you are up close and personal with Jared Diehl He is actually very sweet and calm.

 I think I like to say stuff like this just to get your attention.

THE Ride of YOUR LIFE……………………………..

………………………………..Drive the MITSUBUSHI 3000 GT 1992……………………………….

……………………………………………………………………………………………………Its not as cool as it was in 1992 but it still keeps me looking cool and fly when I pull up to IHOP and everyone doesn’t say anything, they just look at me and stuff.

Sentence framants.

Meek Ruckus

Meek means: “hold me back from blowing up because I have so much power I don’t really know what to do with it.”

That is not what the dictionary says, that is what I say.

Meek in the theological bible of truth: Jesus is God. Jesus knows He is God. Jesus knows who He is. Jesus had perfect timing. Jesus knew when to roar and when to be silent.

LIONS are vicious, they are violent and tenacious.LIONS know how to attack the prey and how to stab the enemy in the heart. LIONS are loud and they can echo there roar so the whole world knows they are around.

LIONS also know when to go to sleep and rest and wait for the next morning. The next morning is when they might have to fight the enemy.

Jared is wanting to prowl like a lion. Jared is a lion. Jared is five feet and some inches tall.

Jared is who you are talking to when you read this.

The secular music ruckus says: try to be tough and strong and loud when really you are broken on the inside.

The emotional scene and people that love to sing about the wrong ruckus: bands like Taking Back Sunday who have only one thing right about the title of there band, they use the word ‘Sunday.’ They try to be tough because they are from LONG ISLAND and LONG ISLAND means nothing when you stand before the LORD.

I happen to like TBS, but they are out of control with their roaring. They are misguided in their RUCKUS.

April 1, 2006
I wrote in a big book that is covered up by some more books: “April Fools Jared Diehl, you are not who you think you are.”

Don’t guess why, tell yourself this: “He is trying to find God to, so He is probably was just messing around with the play on words of the holiday.”

THEN a year later happens: April 1, 2007 and I am still trying to find myself in God and in life and in the ruckus.

THE END: Life will never end. Life will never end for all of us. Life will stop and start. Life is Ruckus.

I am tired and excited about ruckus. This is why you read. If not then why are clicking Jared Diehl on the internet.

Sorry Jen if my comment on your comment was a little intense. I hope you trust ‘the ruckus’, just call Zack if you have questions.