The TV on

Day like now,
Wish I was stronger
TV growing stranger.
Lasting for the longer,
This show has its strangest
Of things,
But you were still the last of
The rest to come.
Wish you had more to give,
Wish you had less to throw away
Cause that’s all gotten in the way.
Wish you called a little more
Or am I the one saying sorry to
I know you assumed I had the zoom in on
I had this camera set to do whatever it takes
To get that shot,
That center fold picture of Ya.
I know it seems like your body is
All that matters,
Cause it is.
It is the drawing on the table,
And the lack of my stable that
Got you to go and get new on us.
I know you aren’t stronger
Than anyone else,
Just weaker than you want
To be.
TV still the strangest of
And you’re still the rearrange
In this relationship thing.
TV still on,
Cause that’s all that matters.

Apes Verse getting ready for the Dawn

In my post of my favorite top ten movie moments I mentioned the Tim Burton/Mark Whalburg Planet Of The Apes that was in theaters 13 summers ago. That means that I was 15 years old working at McDonald’s working on draft one of the original Ruckus Journal. Tim Burton tried to resurrect the story and I don’t think it was maybe as bad as others would say. Tim Burton is one of those very esoteric kind of guys that I think makes things that are more cool and entertaining inside of his mind, rather then what people really want to see. But, as I prepare for the early showing of the new Dawn of the Apes I reflect a little on evolution, war, humans and what I see the main message to be.

Three summers ago marked the redo and reboot of The Planet Of The Apes. Tim Burton could have made a sequel and using Marky Mark actually wouldn’t be a bad idea. It did end with Abraham Lincoln having some kind of Ape face which then added a very cliffhanger suspense to everyone and that would involve some warped time travel.


The 2011 Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes combined some rather moral and ethical questions all centered around the ever so faulty relationship between human DNA and the capability of Apes. In ignorance humans assume they are the top of the food chain. We overstay our welcome here on planet earth and don’t welcome any other foreign deity or  any half breed human or any kind of Alien. This is the train of thought for all these films. When humans get invaded and humans are threatened then humans do whatever they can to survive and defeat the “enemy.” In politics the enemy is the Middle East or Russia or some kind of terrorist in between all of that. Thanks Jack Bauer!

But for the Planet Of The Apes franchise the message is that we don’t get it. We don’t get the powers of science and evolution and in one sadistic way and for the entertainment factor us humans get what they deserve. The scientist that take their discoveries all to help others. If you remember James Franco’s dad that got cured from his impending memory lapses. And the humans take it and try to be the not so selfless mercenaries. It all becomes about medicine and science making a profit out of something that is compromised and dangerous.

This explains the pride you have seen in Jurassic Park and soon to come Jurassic World. This thinking is the source of many science fiction films.

Apes verse humans. Could it really happen? Can evolution actually backfire? Or who is the one to blame? Us not so perfect humans can easily mistreat nature and animals. If Micael Vick almost loses all he had worked for by setting dogs to fight each other then it seems that it does matter how we treat animals. The undertones of Noah( just released in March) had some interesting undercurrents of taking care of the earth..even more so then recognizing the creator Himself.

You don’t have to paint your face and go to war but I think its clear that Hollywood is always in the time machine and wants to try to predict bits and pieces of “the end of the world!”

I know the end of the story. I don’t know if Apes are part of the end-time plan but I know the humans, well Jesus died and bled for them.