The TV on

Day like now,
Wish I was stronger
TV growing stranger.
Lasting for the longer,
This show has its strangest
Of things,
But you were still the last of
The rest to come.
Wish you had more to give,
Wish you had less to throw away
Cause that’s all gotten in the way.
Wish you called a little more
Or am I the one saying sorry to
I know you assumed I had the zoom in on
I had this camera set to do whatever it takes
To get that shot,
That center fold picture of Ya.
I know it seems like your body is
All that matters,
Cause it is.
It is the drawing on the table,
And the lack of my stable that
Got you to go and get new on us.
I know you aren’t stronger
Than anyone else,
Just weaker than you want
To be.
TV still the strangest of
And you’re still the rearrange
In this relationship thing.
TV still on,
Cause that’s all that matters.


My life be spinning in circles.
Risk is the theme and so is follow through.
Diplomacy is the skill but so is power
Love is the game but so is lust.
Rust is the result, but so is fat
And sorrow, and sad, and endless
The sight of these eyes is not satisfied,
It is filled with lie!
So color me new,
Who am I trying to fool?
I am lost in the lust it takes
To call you mine–
One whisper of your name,
Drives me insane!

Shine Along

Nephews, people, family, work, traveling, saying goodbye to my best pal Benji( still friends though) and just getting back into editing because this Mac is BACK!

Shine Along should really end: To Be Continued. There will be more to express and more to digress. We are to fight for light. Fearfully and wonderfully made we are. We are all feeling the confusion with the election time. God holds the answers and we are His ambassadors.

Did I meet my audacity?: summary of cali. trip Pt. ONE

First and foremost I will answer the question that has kept everyone up late at night.

How much of your audacious goals did you accomplish?

I am never entirely sure who I am talking to so I am going to assume everyone reading has never met me before.

I am a very daring and determined person. A daring and determined person could be called an “over achiever”. Over achievers usually get bad reps from their classmates in junior high because over achievers are never satisfied with the amount of “class homework” that the teacher assigns to the class. The over achiever will always want more work to do than the quota because they are born to think that way. I never was called an “over achiever” in school, mostly because of my laziness and persistence in apathy.

Now, years later, I care about education, so when something like a trip home comes up I make audacious goals, whether or not they get accomplished is not a big Diehl for me, the bigger Diehl is that I made them.

Here is my evaluation

Goal #1: Yes, I did indeed love my sister with all of my heart. I showered her with my hugs and kisses. I tried to be as creative as possible in my gift giving this year, instead an ordinary Target birthday card I made her a little package of little gifts wrapped up in pink tissue paper(my new favorite color). And I did give her the cliched Target card but took the creative card people’s idea and reworded and redacted it to have some little brother loves big sister flare. My sister said, “less is certainly not more with you.” She said this after staring at my wordy card and the picture I drew with a green and a black pen.

Goal #2: Didn’t read one single page of Grapes of Wrath. It just sat on my desk and looked at me the whole trip.

Goal #3: I started writing the commentary but didn’t realize how long an actual commentary would take. I stated arranging verses topically. For example, I found all the verses in 31 chapters that mention ‘friendship.’ So far, 17:17 and 18:24 go together. I spent each day reading the Proverb of the day according to the date of the month, this was good for my soul.

Goal #4: I ran on the treadmill on Friday while watching Dawson’s Creek. The run was good and the show almost made me vomit.

Goal #5: The race on Sunday(4-15) was fun minus the sickness that overtook me when I woke up early Sunday morning. The scorching heat was healthy for my nocturnal skin. I look a lot more middle eastern now that my tan is back. I was rooting for Will Power, the fierce Australian, to win but instead that one French guy won. Click here for more.

Goal #6: I never called my friend Jake and therefore I was never given the opportunity to make up a story of why I forgot to call him for his 27th birthday.

Goal #7: I did not assume that Scott and Alyssa’s home computer was mine to use. I asked politely like a guest in their home. This was good for me because I have assumed in the past and that turned out not good for me.

Goal #8: “Observe all of God’s kids who are walking to and fro throughout the earth, whether saved or unsaved, some are masquerading as misfits and others are wearing neck ties and suit coats. I find it intriguing to watch all the faces when I am in the airport. I pray that if He tells me to speak that I would speak.”

Yes, I observed and my conclusion of what I observed will be part two of the summary of this trip.

Audacious travel goals(leaving for Cali. in 8 hours)

I will pick up the Easter discussion next week.

Two months ago I went home and visited my family for the first time in seven months. Visiting family can mean a plethora of things for people, for me it is always exciting. Read here.

I plan on not blogging for five days, so I might just write like a camel and give you a verbose post in order to make up for five days of not writing. A Camel stores up water for weeks and months at a time in order to survive the rigors of the blistering hot deserts. Humans can only go three days without water before death seems like a convenient option. Humans also can go millions of days without reading The Ruckus Journal, but it helps me to imagine millions of people desperately clamoring for Ruckus news and “pearls of wisdom.”

Average Diehl Family reunion looks like(from Journal)

“Obscure interjections at the dinner table that we all make at each other every 30 seconds. We(especially me) as a family have the “gift of interruption.” I think I have grown in this area since I have been away for almost three years but every time I go home I see my lack of growth in interrupting others. On the flip-side it is family and fighting each other with words that is apart of the ruckus, its apart of growing. The more I open up to my family the more I can trust that they will trust my idiosyncrasies and all the things they don’t see each day in KC.”

Family has the “gift of discernment.” Whether you call that term a biblical one or not, family sees right through your lying tendencies. If Jared is lying to Alyssa than mom just knows it. If dad is exaggerating to all of us his next ambition in life we all know it. If mom sings a song and thinks she can sing than we all just tell her she can’t sing, but she can do a multitude of other wonderful things. If Jared still thinks he is going to model for Abecrombie than mom, dad and sister all agree that those guys in the posters actually exercise, so Jared is disqualified.

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Meek Ruckus

Meek means: “hold me back from blowing up because I have so much power I don’t really know what to do with it.”

That is not what the dictionary says, that is what I say.

Meek in the theological bible of truth: Jesus is God. Jesus knows He is God. Jesus knows who He is. Jesus had perfect timing. Jesus knew when to roar and when to be silent.

LIONS are vicious, they are violent and tenacious.LIONS know how to attack the prey and how to stab the enemy in the heart. LIONS are loud and they can echo there roar so the whole world knows they are around.

LIONS also know when to go to sleep and rest and wait for the next morning. The next morning is when they might have to fight the enemy.

Jared is wanting to prowl like a lion. Jared is a lion. Jared is five feet and some inches tall.

Jared is who you are talking to when you read this.

The secular music ruckus says: try to be tough and strong and loud when really you are broken on the inside.

The emotional scene and people that love to sing about the wrong ruckus: bands like Taking Back Sunday who have only one thing right about the title of there band, they use the word ‘Sunday.’ They try to be tough because they are from LONG ISLAND and LONG ISLAND means nothing when you stand before the LORD.

I happen to like TBS, but they are out of control with their roaring. They are misguided in their RUCKUS.

April 1, 2006
I wrote in a big book that is covered up by some more books: “April Fools Jared Diehl, you are not who you think you are.”

Don’t guess why, tell yourself this: “He is trying to find God to, so He is probably was just messing around with the play on words of the holiday.”

THEN a year later happens: April 1, 2007 and I am still trying to find myself in God and in life and in the ruckus.

THE END: Life will never end. Life will never end for all of us. Life will stop and start. Life is Ruckus.

I am tired and excited about ruckus. This is why you read. If not then why are clicking Jared Diehl on the internet.

Sorry Jen if my comment on your comment was a little intense. I hope you trust ‘the ruckus’, just call Zack if you have questions.


My trip to the OC was delicious. It had been 7 months since the last time the I was home and it was worth the 5 days on the beach. I arrived Thursday afternoon and right away I walked on Salt Creek Beach with my mom. We always prayer walk and catch each other up on our lives. Thursday evening proceeded with the Z and J video productions: The Boargeese Pig, The last 4 months and the Splits video. I was able to show my parents everything I’ve been up in the last 7 months. I slept 15 hours and woke up to my big Sis doing the splits in front of my bed, this was her way of letting me know she saw the video. We all three walked on the beach, then my mom took me to get my ears lowered. Also a tradition was my annual run to Starbucks, this trip I was determined to finish Fire Within by Thomas Dubay. Luckily there is a starbucks within walking distance of our house. I spent Friday night with Scott and Alyssa. Scott is my brother-in-law who is married to my big Sis, they have been married for almost 2 years now. We chilled and watched season 2 of The Office.

Saturday was the highlight of the trip. Off to a slow start Scott and I played B-Ball with some of his friends, the only problem with this sport is that I suck at it. I got cut in the eighth grade, I kept reminiscing to this low moment in my life when I experienced my nervous system shutting down and coach L gave it to me: you are good, but not good enough for this team. Coach L, eat your heart out, look at me drain that three pointer. Later on in the day, after stuffing our faces with Mexican food, Scott took me surfing at Newport beach. It was cold and windy but regardless, it was my first time surfing. After falling 40 times I finally rode one wave in all the way to the shore, then fell again. It was the craziest two hours I have had in a long time.

Saturday evening was interesting. We celebrated this girl’s birthday party who turned 23. I sat across from this one girl I used to date in high school. We haven’t really talked in two years so that was interesting.

Sunday ended with church in the morning. Life Church is where my parents have attended for two years now and in the evening we attended the home group that my sister and Scott started two years ago.

I read the Crucified God by Jurgen Moltmann while I was in the airport today and I am pretty sure I have no clue what he is talking about. I have 50 pages to go in Fire Within, then I am done.

Z and I are going out to breakfast this morning so I will say everything I just said to you to him.

Leaving for the OC early A.M.

I am leaving town to visit the most beautiful and darkest place in the world: Orange County. The sun beaming across your face as you frolic across the sandy shores and the heaviness of immorality and vanity hovering over you as you try to pretend like it is not there. Every time I visit southern Cali two things happen: I get a tan and I am aware of how weak I really am. I usually become aware of the fact that most of the people chilling on the beach are completely clueless to the coming tsunami. My goal during this five day trip is to love my family with everything in me but I also feel a great stirring inside of me to proclaim what I know to be true: It is the end of the age and in knowing this are we living like it is true?