Interlude- Body

Body of yours,
This life of poise,
This world of noise.
This place I cover,
This place I hover,
Anger you stored up,
Wrath for the hungry,
Treasures for the lonely,
Are you telling me to stop,
Or are you telling me to stay?

Body of yours,
White and pale,
Snow and hail,
Rain and reign,
Are you still king?
Are you still the rearrange?

Cause we never had furniture,
Cause we worried about future,
Cause we needed new furniture,
Cause we can’t change future.

Seated on us,
Seated within us,
This life is poise,
This world of noise,
I am crying out and loud,
Time is going by,
Time is flying by,
Are you still as loud as you used to be?

Is noise what we need,
Or are you louder than you should be,
Is noise what you reign on in the rain,
Is this the last time I talk about things
I don’t do.

Tell me,
Body expand,
Body of land,
Don’t let this body fall apart.

Leonardo Dicraprio

I am sitting here with Gangstaz Nation President Joshua James. We are sitting on the couch at Mr. Tom Cole’s house and it is currently 1 o’ clock in the morning. I am having a great time laughing and talking about life and looking through the Tom Cole movie collection, he has the most I’ve ever seen in one single person’s collection.

Mr. President J James says, ” I don’t like that Leonardo Dicaprio guy, more like Dicraprio.”

Now, I know what you are thinking, why would I spend time writing about this. Two reasons, I haven’t blogged consistently since the summer, so anything that seems somewhat interesting to write about I am going to throw it out there and secondly, I am a really big Leonardo Dicaprio fan, so saying he is crappy just hurts my feelings.

Its cool I am over it.

If you want to see Leo in his youth check him out on Growing Pains (he’s the homeless kid who gets taken in by Kirk Cameron) and watch the movie This Boy’s Life.