I, Too * 12 Hours Later..

January 30th from 12pm to 12am. 12 hours of reflection.
Building something,
Something from the start of today,
Waking up and running as fast as I can,
3 miles and counting.
Calling mom on updates and
Such, asking for revelation,
Then it comes to me,
All the great things came in the
Waiting, in the stillness, in the
Wilderness, in the suffering,
In the greatness of what we have
Been looking for all along.
Yes, I too, have suffered,
And suffered recently.
Been up all night wondering
About the fight and the fists and
The things that are called future.
Yet, this is the invitation,
I am not sold or solid,
Not shaken either,
But moved around and tossed
To and fro,
Asking You: how does one grow?
He says wait for the lights and ask
Not for the blinders,
My eyes did wander
And look a little to long,
Starbucks, again, I thought
You were over that flavor,
But to the corner of that place
Was someone standing out of place.
The looked as if they have been to
The blue car before,
They asked for more,
Yes, I too give in to seduction.
I ran away and walked along the way,
I filmed and captured my self by the
Sea and the tilt of the lights that spin
Before night,
I, too, lose the dusk,
So fast and quick it does go..
I drove and drove and yet those
City lights were on my left and
You voice was the loudest of them
Are we talking the same,
Are you the same?
Are we the same struggle?
Home came late and so did that text,
It invited me in and crunched the numbers,
This will cost just like the last time, and
The tenth time before that.
I want love and the last long,
And the love that lasts long,
But, I, too want the bed you made,
And the mess you make,
And the mistake that came with
Saying go instead of no!
I, too, am up late,
Because the day torments me too,
It calls me too, it calls for change,
A serious rearrange.
A serious move everything around kind
Of winter,
One, where, I, too am cold and hardened
By the wind,
And by the sound that calls me

The TV on

Day like now,
Wish I was stronger
TV growing stranger.
Lasting for the longer,
This show has its strangest
Of things,
But you were still the last of
The rest to come.
Wish you had more to give,
Wish you had less to throw away
Cause that’s all gotten in the way.
Wish you called a little more
Or am I the one saying sorry to
I know you assumed I had the zoom in on
I had this camera set to do whatever it takes
To get that shot,
That center fold picture of Ya.
I know it seems like your body is
All that matters,
Cause it is.
It is the drawing on the table,
And the lack of my stable that
Got you to go and get new on us.
I know you aren’t stronger
Than anyone else,
Just weaker than you want
To be.
TV still the strangest of
And you’re still the rearrange
In this relationship thing.
TV still on,
Cause that’s all that matters.

Trader Joes Creative War

I love my job. I really do. Getting hired at one of the best companies around, especially in light of millions loosing their jobs. Its more than just a blessing to be working here. Working the register a week ago or so, a customer referred me to this video on YouTube. This guy either really wants a job at Trader Joes or just knows the store and the culture of shopping there. This video is praised for its creativity. But I am an ambitious person and especially when it comes to putting my creativity to work. It is my lofty goal to respond to this video with one just as genuine and sincere.

For now…here’s the video…but in the future their shall be a comeback, something maybe more incredible than what this guy has created. Its lofty. For sure. So, give me some ideas….

10 Hours and 18 Minutes

Today was my first shift at the house of pancakes where I had to be at work at 7am. Because of a tire explosion and some trouble with the law I haven’t been able to drive my car, so everyday for the past two weeks I have been rollerblading to work. As I cruise by neighborhood streets of KC with a smile on my face and picturing myself skiing down Copper Mountain as I zig zag down a hill I notice the look on people’s faces. They seem rather surprised that someone would choose to Rollerblade. I have received a rather strange look from people as I stroll by. I don’t think people have much respect for the blader these days.

Anyhow, I woke up at 6am and bladed to work while it was still dark and the streets were wet from last night’s storm. I began work at 7am and left at 5:30pm, a total of 10 hours and 18 minutes. I had only one break today and that was to eat. I had a Monster Burger, which is two fatty patties and some Onion Rings with Honey Mustard. This is why I roller blade, to burn it off. It has been a long day.

My goal is to get enough money to pay off some of my tickets that have been tacked to my bulletin board for the past few months. Its time to take care of life.

New Job At IHOP

It was the spring of 2006 when Zack and I first really started talking to each other about what was going on in our life. We had lived together for about eight months and in that time we were just roommates but not really friends. At the time we were both rigorously involved in the Night Watch at the house of prayer. I was in my second semester of my second year at FSM and Zack was working with the Fire in the Night interns. There were many great things about the Night Watch community; the people, the intensity of the night, being led by Stuart, the worship but the only thing that I had a difficult time with was going to bed right away at 6am.

When I was in the internship it was required for us to be asleep by 6:30am. This was a wise rule because anything later than this would mean sleeping in later which would result in a lack on sunlight. A lack of sun over a long period of time is very unhealthy. So, instead of just going home and staring at the ceiling for an hour Zack and I decided to get some breakfast at the International House of Pancakes. For us, it wasn’t so much about the food, more so it was about the time spent getting to know each other.

Breakfast at IHOP became a tradition and to all of the morning servers that worked there, we became regulars. Sometimes we didn’t even eat we would just get decaf coffee and talk. When the Splits was in vogue I would drop down at the restaurant and give the 1,2, 3..Splits for people that looked like they didn’t want to be embarrassed.

I blogged in February 2007 that my weight gain was due to eating to much at IHOP. The streak lasted until October 2007 for me. This would mean that we spent about a year and a half eating at an average of three times a week and some weeks we were there everyday, even on our off day.

I share all this with you because IHOP in Grandview, MO has a very soft spot in my heart. I have a lot of good memories when I think of this place and mostly because where my friendship with Zack is at now.

Because of a current financial bind that I am in now with some unpaid tickets I am in need of working as much as I can to get caught up with all my responsibilities. I got a job at the IHOP that used to be a daily stop. I just started my training last Saturday and today, Friday the 22, was my first shift on my own. As I have mentioned before, this isn’t my first serving job. First Watch taught me a lot about what it takes to be a good server. So far things have gone well. The only part about this job that I dislike is the IHOP stench. You leave that place and it seeps into your clothes like when you leave the bowling alley. But because I am making money, I think I’ll get over the smell.

I will blog more about my adventures at the house of pancakes but for now, it just makes me laugh that I am working at the same place that I used to eat at almost every day.


(Zack and I chatting away at the house of pancakes)

From Night Watch to First Watch

After three years of doing the Night Watch at the house of prayer I am sad to say that I am switching to days. I switched for a few weeks back in January but I left again, and now I am back. I just got hired at First Watch restaurant in Shawnee Mission, KS. I am super excited and blessed to have received this job. I start training tomorrow, eeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!

I am happy to be on an early morning schedule because my no longer nocturnal best friend Zack just switched to days also, so we will get to see each other before the day begins at 5am.

I will occasionally blog about my tales of serving people and living the restaurant life. This will be my second job now. I also bus tables at Cinzettis.  For the next very long while in my life I will be working as hard as I can, but it I am looking forward to it.

Come in and get a plate of bacon.

Longest Shift Ever Worked

Yesterday, as you all know, was Easter Sunday. Hallelujah for Resurrection Day! As many people were sitting in the pews at church I was working all day and all night. I worked 13 hours and 9 minutes busing tables and sorting silverware at Cinzettis. I was so proud of myself for this accomplishment that I saved my time card receipt and I posted it on my bulletin board.

So, what’s your longest shift?