Somewhere Else

About page reference: Writing has always been the thing after everything else..

Everything else has been traveling, working, moving, laughing, living, happening..

For you..


You are only as valuable as you think you are. It is more fascinating to me when people speak truth without saying they believe in Jesus. They speak in language that is so similar to what we see in Scripture.

So, what about the real stuff? What do we do with that?

I lost you. I lost you a long time ago. Your mind is on a lot of things it doesn’t need to be on. You use the internet for the wrong reasons because something inside of you is broken and untrue, and not fixed..yet.

So, when new things come our way we don’t risk at all. We don’t risk and take any chances. If writing has been your dream then its the last thing you do. Your dream might suck but if you have something to go after then try. Try to fail. Fail at trying, but don’t do nothing.

Have you ever been frustrated over something like this:

…You don’t actually tell people what you think. You halfway speak your mind..or you attempt to not want to rock the people say yes to are way co-dependent( whatever that means)..

But you are somewhere else.

In the movie Aloha Bradley Cooper’s character yells in the woods:

” Its all a fantasy( I think he says it) one wants to live where they are at!”

Scripture says, ” A time to embrace.”

Can I share something with you?

I asked first.

Do you want to embrace today, or are you so sick of what you have that nothing is ever good enough, so today can never be something that you enjoy?

I was on a rough trip in that picture above.

I made it.


Live where you are at.

Days between Days

Take me back to the night we met. If you are anyone you would know that time we had spent. All of it. All of it wired with regret.

Time had to pass. So what kind of summer is this? Is this the one you want. Is this the last of the days you have seen?

Are your questions answers raised? Or did the raised man answer them?

Take me forward. Take me future. Take all those in between days away. I have to much history with asking about history. Where was it when we needed it? Or, are, we now the same as we have always been.

I learned something watching you, and that is that art will not be contained or controlled. It will be sustained and maintained.

Why can’t I spend some time better..with it with you better. Are you made for this job? For this weather, or for this war?

Take me back or don’t take me at all.

I had a Thursday spent..a month ago..with was so, so..It was Tierra Mia. It was later until the see ya.

Time didn’t pass. We were not the ones to cross that line again. I just returned from Oregon in the spring and I was wondering when you were gonna make me try to sing. Everyone has a little part saved for times like these.

I have letters of days, and letters of nights..and now where are we with all of this behind us.

Take me back to the night we met..I feel that song singing for me, and me..what about me and what about now?

Cause now is in between tomorrow and all you call that sorrow.

I am gonna die here left alone..but pain is home..been here before.

So, start a war..start it no more.

Day #13 Barren Land

Bad 1,

Or Bad 2,

This news is never new.

Day 1 was a desert,

A dry and barren place.

I realized that writing was just

The result of living,

And living was coming undone,

And over and over again.

I saw some beauty when I clicked those


And I almost said you were good for


But what pleasure did I find,

What measure did I use,

What weapons did I put down,

Was any of that, all for You?

I wondered a fountain,

Cause I was in dire,

I wondered across this


A bounty for hire.

What will I take home with me,

Will it be you?

Will it be me?

Or will this journey cut me in


And bring me back to You.

Summer series..Bad 1

I am not gonna let summer win..
1 Bad
1 bad experience leads to another and then you become,
Less than a lover.
Less than a friend.

Why we spend so much time in Pain,
In the rain,
Without the protection,
Without the inspection.

Today is now for you.
You are the one that makes new.

I fight.
Summer will be with us now.
Summer is here,
It is now.

I am not fading out,
I am not going away.

Day break

Give my heart a break,

This wasn’t a mistake.

Now I’m afar,

I’m distance,

I’m the regret you needed.

Day is gone,

Break it wrong,

I’m here to last long.

Had 60 days to break this streak,

But you never said call back,

Or write the attack.

I got both swords

Up for you,

Give this soul a break.

Had left,

Had to let it leave

And hit the fan,

And Rob the van,

Like day was easy ,

It was never a mystery..

Your love for me.

Day #12: Dreams

I am on the high,
I am the why.
I am walking on the wire.
I am searching for the hire,
I am feeling the favor.
I am going backwards,
Just for a minute,
Just for some regret,
Just in some kind of
Rewind time.
I am on the high,
Was leaving your place
On fire,
Don’t want to be leaving
Here a liar,
Had to swear,
Had to hold it,
Had to clamp down on it.
Had to get you while you
Were down,
Had to make some magic
Happen, then again,
Then the sweat,
Then the dreams,
Then the sound of
All that passes when
You get to leaving.
I was feasting
I was leasing,
I was reasoning,
I had a lot of You,
Now, did I?
Had to start the flame,
Had to remember your
Cause you pretty people,
Are all looking the same.
Had to hold onto it,
Just for a little while longer
Just because you asked me to.
But don’t miss this,
Don’t miss this, life,
Don’t be walking away
From me, now,
You got just 12 days in,
And you want out?
These dreams aren’t
Fading anytime soon.

Day #11: Should

Should you be the one, now?
Cause I am desperate, somehow.
Tell me if its then,
But I need this,
I need it now.
Let’s get real specific.
I am not saving.
I am not saving it.
I am not putting it away.
I am not telling you to go away.
I am not running, when I should be.
I am not making those deposits you
Call future.
You call, future safety.
Are you against?
Or, are you for me?
Is this a weapon forged
By the enemy,
Or is this just part of the fight.
Should I keep living in despair,
Living without any repair,
Or, are you, here.