Maybe I have multiple gifts and talents and as time goes on you get to find out the plethora of gifts dwelling inside of me, do u agree or disagree?


Long title, I know, but I believe it necessary for readers everywhere to hear this.

Maybe I don’t write the best, grammar the best, or say it right all the time. Current Example: My spinal tap was not actually a spinal tap it was a tapping feeling and it felt a little painful. So, if you were thinking I was in agony the other day, please don’t! Instead, just laugh with me that I got a little to excited about Dr. Duke’s tricks to help my cracked wrists. Thanks Kyle for helping me clarify, and believe me he thought it was funny that I said SPINAL TAP with great boldness.

New Header: Many gifts do I have and Spider-Man is one of them; Z didn’t even know Spidey was in the house.

I am content with white socks, but I do wish for some red socks to match the red shoes(Spits video shoes).

I do have Spider-Man sheets and I sleep on those 7 days a week and counting. I DO NOT wear the costume everyday, just in light of the 150 million dollar blockbuster(so far) I am idolizing Spidey, by wearing his costume, and just the other day I mentioned how much we idolize him; I hope you caught the irony. Let me know if I just contradicted myself.

I have officially boycotted seeing this movie opening weekend and it was full of purpose. I will see it eventually and you will for sure hear about it.

Last words: Just don’t be surprised if you see me trying to fight crime, in the outfit, in KC.

Could Spider-Man ever do a soap opera?


My thought of the day: Could they somehow write a Spidey script presenting the same characters but soap opera style?

I was at the dentist today and the verdict was, ” You got really nice teeth, but you need to floss more.” I wasn’t surprised that they said this, it is a weakness of mine and a habit I need to adopt everyday. For me its just hard to disciple unraveling the floss and feeling the floss cut through your gums.

Before I heard this not-so-shocking news I was watching this lame Soap Opera and I thought about how cliche they all are yet people worship this stuff and can’t wait for the next episode.

I then thought about how popular and in vogue Spidey is right now. I then put both of these thoughts together and I wonder, would it work for a glorified super-hero story to go melancholy and be this depressed guy who divorces everyone and hates his life? (which ironically that is kind of the story already, except it always ends with hope).

What do you think, am I crazy, or are you upset that I just tried to mess with you idol Spidey?

This is Spinal Tap….not the movie

The movie THIS IS SPINAL TAP was released in theatres a year before I was born(1984).

I remember the hilarity of this mockumentary the first time I seen it.

I also remember when I was in eighth grade and my friend Justin said, “Girls like a guy who can play the drums.” Obviously he was convinced that this was an absolute true statement. I am more of a writer/actor/creator rather than a musician. I was convinced that what he said was true. He taught me some basic snare-hi-hat beats and that bass drum thing that you kick with your feet. It took me a week to learn the basic beat he was teaching then after that I gave up. I would get in the flow than go crazy and start hitting everything like any cool rock star would do.

I never got a girlfriend for playing the drums but I was sure that if I wore a muscle shirt and a fake tatoo that eighth grade girls would fall in love with my rebel demeanor.

Spinal Tap pulled off the fake band very well.

Why I say all of this?

I went to see Dr. Duke, the wrist guy, today and he tapped my spin with this thing that aligns your back nerves in place. It was very interesting but he says it will help my wrists get better.

I felt the Ruckus afterwords and took a 3 hour nap.


I got nothing this week but homework and trying not to be a jerk

In moments of last minute stress and sleepless nights the muzzle of one’s mouth seems to be hard to adjust to the mouth.

I find that when I am tired and stressed my naturally big mouth gets enormous.

I am one for high energy and enthusiasm at wedding receptions or even in the grocery store when they play that one song that reminds me of eighth grade, but in the flow of the energy I also regrettably say things that I don’t mean and I end up wrecking my flow by outlandish statements.

I have stated on this blog that I hate MySpace with a passion and it is akin to the devil.

And YES I would tell you this if we talked face to face in ‘real life.’

This week: 3-4 assignments due and then I am done with school until August 13.

I really, really don’t want to act like I am in junior high and peace out of school two weeks before school actually ends.

I don’t think I will because now I care about education but yet I am fighting all these thoughts and temptations to Ruckus out of this place.

My 8 year problematic wrists were checked out a week ago and Dr. Duke was like Luke and he snapped them back in place.

They hurt more than ever before but now I am on my way to a full recovery.

In all things give thanks is Paul’s theology and that is my word  for the week.

I will blog more extensively when this week ends and hopefully I buy a new wireless card so I can blog each day. I got 10-12 posts saved up and a couple of videos.

I deleted two posts this past week that apparently some people liked but I reread it and showed it to my writer’s group and I realized that both posts were a little TMI.

Some people enjoyed my style and yes I like to write the way I write but I also said a little to much.

Thanks for reading the R. Journal and thanks for the feedback, I really want to grow as a writer and communicator and every comment helps.

Nothing but humidity and a white t-shirt






Unholy world and His glory,

Valley of Wicked wordity.

Yes, I know, I am not a poet, but I know for certain that when I walk around the city in one big circle I see everyone and whether they say hello or not I know they are saying something.

That’s my humid day for you. Its hot today and I am wearing a plain white t-shirt thinking of purity.



Coming from a guy who has dressed up(new header: spidey 2 opener) as Spider-Man for the last two movies its ironic for me to use idolized to describe the world’s greatest superhero.

In the last decade of summer blockbusters and the few holiday hits, we have seen a plethora of superhero remakes.

Advantageous Hollywood has taken the simple comic book stories that our parents grew up with and have made them epic adventures for all ages to enjoy.


160,000 miles later and she still drives like a girl

The overrated red sports car that I own that was once cool in 92 just passed 160,000 miles today.

Brief history:My dad bought this car in 1995, four years after it came out. He was going through what most men go through his age, you know what I’m saying, its called, ummmm…..middle aged crisis.

Middle Aged Crisis: A man reaches that point in his life where he wishes he was 21 again and not married therfore fast cars, motorbikes, or a speedboat makes all the pain go away.

If you are in touch with God’s ruckus He would tell you to stop squirming around, then He would tell you that it is much easier to die in a fast sports car when you are late for work and you have the capability to go 0-60 in five seconds.

I was 10 years old when he bought this car so for me it was just another thing to boost my “ego.” At the age of 10 I was a cocky, over confident fifth grader that made everyone jealous because I played ice hockey and my dad drove a “sports car”.

12 years later:I am 21 years old and I could care less that I have a sports car. I am extremely grateful that when I moved to KC two years ago my dad surrendered his car to me, and he gave me the keys, which means I can actually drive it instead of sitting on the passenger side and change CD’s every hour, on the hour.

Quick facts about my experience with this car:

When I dated Emily it just made it seem cooler to have a sports car. She was older than me by like 3 years and it was summer time. Hot weather+ girlfriend= summer of 2005= didn’t pray as much as I wanted to.

The first night I arrived in KC I took this Sarah girl for a ride in my car all the way from IHOP to the Grandview 7-11. We got some crapacinno and I’m pretty sure she thought I was the flyest guy ever, than she remembered that I was 8 years younger and it would never work between us.

After my first NW night of staying up late Kyle and I went to Holtlz doughnuts and  the first thing he said when he got in my car was, “I don’t know if this car is you.” He said it the way Kyle would say it and then I freaked out on the inside because I care about what Kyle thinks of me.

I asked my dad once if his car was a guy or a girl and he said, “Its a girl because it has a bra.” My dad says stuff like this all the time. I would add to this and say, “Its also a really petite girl because it has no backseat, nor much room to enjoy being inside the car.”

It looks like a sports car, drives like a sports car, but you feel like you are in a Geo Metro.

In closing, I hope to sell this car this summer sole because I am done being cool and I also want to be able to take people around in this car without them kissing their knees in the backseat.