5 steps to telling a good joke

First: Material, before delivery comes material, what is the joke you are going to tell? A lame popsicle stick joke, a concept no one ever heard of, what is the content?

Second: Deliver the joke, after telling the joke, get a response. If response is negative you have to do step three, if positive you are done (and further steps are suggested).

Third: Immediately go to the person on your right with a hand shake, lifting up your hands, like you are going to hit them, but then smack down the high five.

Immediately after right person, if they did not laugh then preceed to the person on the left hand side. They respond with dumb or a happy look.

Fifth and Final:
If initial response was bad, left and right people don’t laugh then you give yourself a high five in front of the people, causing a great uproar of laughter and lots of attention on you.

By this point people could care less what the initial joke was rather they are just glad you made them laugh. ‘That is the guy that made me laugh’, they say.

If none of these five steps work then you have officially told a bad joke, but don’t worry there is always tomorrow.

Immorality is not worth eternity

While pacing in the prayer room and reflecting on my time away from the HOP this phrase hit my heart: ‘Our practice of immorality is not worth our eternal destiny.’ I was thinking of what it means to fear the Lord, what does it mean to truly live in such a way that eternity is my focus in times of temptation. God desires that we live in light of eternity, He desires that we live holy lives as he is Holy. My small practices of entertained thoughts of sinfulness is not worth me spending eternity in Hell because I chose to not deal with that area in my life. I think this is what Paul is talking about in Galatians 5 when he says ‘if you practice these things you will not inherit the kingdom of God.’

The ruckus then becomes our entire lives being watched before God and there is nothing, good or bad, that we will get away with. He knows. He sees. He hears and He remembers.


My trip to the OC was delicious. It had been 7 months since the last time the I was home and it was worth the 5 days on the beach. I arrived Thursday afternoon and right away I walked on Salt Creek Beach with my mom. We always prayer walk and catch each other up on our lives. Thursday evening proceeded with the Z and J video productions: The Boargeese Pig, The last 4 months and the Splits video. I was able to show my parents everything I’ve been up in the last 7 months. I slept 15 hours and woke up to my big Sis doing the splits in front of my bed, this was her way of letting me know she saw the video. We all three walked on the beach, then my mom took me to get my ears lowered. Also a tradition was my annual run to Starbucks, this trip I was determined to finish Fire Within by Thomas Dubay. Luckily there is a starbucks within walking distance of our house. I spent Friday night with Scott and Alyssa. Scott is my brother-in-law who is married to my big Sis, they have been married for almost 2 years now. We chilled and watched season 2 of The Office.

Saturday was the highlight of the trip. Off to a slow start Scott and I played B-Ball with some of his friends, the only problem with this sport is that I suck at it. I got cut in the eighth grade, I kept reminiscing to this low moment in my life when I experienced my nervous system shutting down and coach L gave it to me: you are good, but not good enough for this team. Coach L, eat your heart out, look at me drain that three pointer. Later on in the day, after stuffing our faces with Mexican food, Scott took me surfing at Newport beach. It was cold and windy but regardless, it was my first time surfing. After falling 40 times I finally rode one wave in all the way to the shore, then fell again. It was the craziest two hours I have had in a long time.

Saturday evening was interesting. We celebrated this girl’s birthday party who turned 23. I sat across from this one girl I used to date in high school. We haven’t really talked in two years so that was interesting.

Sunday ended with church in the morning. Life Church is where my parents have attended for two years now and in the evening we attended the home group that my sister and Scott started two years ago.

I read the Crucified God by Jurgen Moltmann while I was in the airport today and I am pretty sure I have no clue what he is talking about. I have 50 pages to go in Fire Within, then I am done.

Z and I are going out to breakfast this morning so I will say everything I just said to you to him.

Leaving for the OC early A.M.

I am leaving town to visit the most beautiful and darkest place in the world: Orange County. The sun beaming across your face as you frolic across the sandy shores and the heaviness of immorality and vanity hovering over you as you try to pretend like it is not there. Every time I visit southern Cali two things happen: I get a tan and I am aware of how weak I really am. I usually become aware of the fact that most of the people chilling on the beach are completely clueless to the coming tsunami. My goal during this five day trip is to love my family with everything in me but I also feel a great stirring inside of me to proclaim what I know to be true: It is the end of the age and in knowing this are we living like it is true?


Will says, “My parents are the world’s greatest superheroes everyone expects greatness from me.”

Layla says, “Will, you are great.”

They bump shoulders. Camera gives us a long shot. Will eats the apple that was given to him by Layla. She was trying to make him a lemon, but couldn’t.

The point: Greatness

I want to do and be great.
– do great things
– be a great person
– What is greatness, really?

A World of Unrighteousness

When I was a fire in the night intern I studied the book of James like a madman. I spent the last month of my track one mulling over five tiny chapters. James is the book of the Christian life. He hammers it home on what it means to practice our Christian faith. Last week I was reading and I noticed three things in James chapter 3. James talks about the tongue in this chapter.

Jas. 3:6 says the tongue is ‘a world of unrighteousness.’ When I think of the world I think of chaos, I think of billions of people who are all different crashing into each other.

Jas. 3:8 says that ‘no human being can tame the tongue.’

Jas. 3:9 says that ‘we bless the Lord and we curse people made in God’s image.’

James is emphasizing that our speech is very powerful, our speech can bring life or death to someone.

Conclusion: Spend a day thinking about what is really coming out of your mouth, think about the words you choose to use and don’t use.

God give us grace to speak life to one another.

The Splits 91 times

Well I never thought a single act such as dropping down and doing the splits in front of people would be so cool. I just checked You Tube and 91 people have seen this video so far…its only been three days…I would just like to thank all of you who are fans of the splits and a special thanks to Zack and Charity who filmed the video and brought great inspiration on the set. I am thrilled. To see the video here is the official link: The Splits