So its been two days

So its been two days, maybe three, since I have blogged. I am trying to figure out why people apologize for not blogging. I have only been blogging for a couple of months and I have been really good(almost to good) at blogging everyday. I like everyday writing (Kyle calls this prolific, it means producing a lot).

What I am really trying to say is that I haven’t blogged for two days because I haven’t.

So, if you are frustrated that I have not updated my blog I apologize, I will try harder the next time I turn on my computer and purpose in my heart to blog.

Please comment on anything that is stupid and retarded and hard to understand and something I would only say if you were one of my ‘real friends.’ That way this blog can make sense for the whole word if they accidentally find it on the internet.(GOOGLE SEARCH:Mullets, Jared Diehl, ruckus, passion, Sky High, Zack, exc.)

If you don’t accidentally find my blog I take it you actually treat me like a real person and you read and comment on my blog because you know me OR you like my writing(which I don’t mind).

We could go back and forth with all this stuff, these are just my observations of what the blogging world is like.

The sower only sows what he sows

It sounds really deep, maybe not? I might be jumping ahead to chapter 6 here, but the same principles apply.

Paul says that whatever you sew in your flesh, you reap corruption. Okay, boo, lame, we don’t like that. He then says, ‘but if you sew into the Spirit you will reap everlasting life, joy, righteousness.’ (my added words)

Everlasting life is the same thing as everlasting life. Jesus said that he came to give us life and give it more abundantly(John 10:10), that famous verse that the preacher man slams down. Abundance is beyond normal life and what you have been used to for several months, years, days. Abundant life is what he has promised to all who are redeemed.

The problem is not that there is a problem. We must fight to understand those basic principles of scripture. In this case, Paul compares the battle of flesh and Spirit to farming. Not farmers, not that one really good farmer you know down the road(special shout out if you are a farmer), but the way of the farmer.

The farmer does what is needed to succeed in the long haul (I think this also wisdom). If you sew into what is true, you reap the benefits of truth. If you sew into flesh(not Gnostic stuff) but sin nature, then you reap the benefits, or lack thereof, of the flesh.

Amen. ( You don’t have to say it out loud, thank you for reading )

It is as simple as Lord what are you saying

Yesterday was full of verbosity. I’ll keep it brief today.

Mike Bickle has spent a lot of time preaching the same thing over and over again. If you are at IHOP you know what I am saying, if not, repetition is wisdom. We have to hear the simple things over and over again because when we blow it, or not blow it and life happens, we get sidetracked from simple truths.

The simple truth of walking in the Spirit that Paul presents is simple as asking the question: ‘Lord what are you saying?’ Lord, what are are you doing, saying, speaking, showing, exc.. all these interactive words.

Just ask the Spirit inside of you, hey, what is going on inside of me and up there?

The desires of the flesh is like Hometown Buffet

For dinner tonight my roommate Tim and I went to Home Town Buffet, also known as Country Buffet in other parts of the country(like Fort Collins). This place is a step above Western Sizzlin and just below any restaurant that is not a buffet, whatever that means.

What distinguishes a buffet from any other restaurant is the overwhelming amount of choice. Each section of the buffet is a different group of food. You got the ‘before the meal’ food, i.e. salad bar, soup and crackers. After the salad bar you have a gazillion options for the meal. Most people who are really hungry would take advantage that you can dirty multiple plates, unlike some places I know that force you to preserve your one plate if you want seconds. Meats, Mexican, Italian, American, European and Missouran food is arrayed in a sundry for you to eat. I happened to choose Mexican tonight and whoever invented fish, I ate that too.

Lastly, after 20 minutes, when you should be done eating and full; you go up for desert, which again, multiple choices. You can have ice cream, cookies(oatmeal, chocolate chip, sugar, snicker-doodle, exc ), and a variety of flavored cakes. While consuming mostly high calorie, over preserved food you are constantly drinking liquids, either soda, juice, milk (white, chocolate, fat-free, skim, 2 %, organic and Soy). The meal comes to an end and for the next three hours you tell yourself, ‘I wish I wouldn’t have taken advantage of all those choices, I ate way to much.’

As we are consumed with options of how to flesh out in our society. Of course, we have to eat and buffets are not the devil. I realize that my flesh is always hungry for a buffet, it is always hungry for a variety of choices for whatever I may be feeling in the moment( those shots in the arm to numb the pain.) It is ridiculous the amount of choices we have to do whatever will satisfy our flesh.

I want to grow in the grace of God of how to exercise self-control in the midst of an overindulgent society.

Constable quotes this one guy about the flesh, he says, “Our flesh is characterized by lust, which stands for the strong, but sometimes evil, desires that are associated with bodily living.”

Bodily living is buffets, sleep, normal things that we have to do to function in life. We shouldn’t be a Gnostic that hates the fleshly things and everything of the world is evil. He says that the flesh is mostly that evil thing(the old man) that wants instant pleasure apart from God.

In conclusion, I am convinced that the way to overcome the buffet syndrome is not the denial of the options, but rather walking in the Spirit. Simply asking God to help you. No one knows our frame like Jesus, except for sinning, he was tempted with buffets too( you know, eating those huge meals with Tax Collectors).

The desires of the flesh verse the desires of the Spirit: Gal. 5

One of my favorite passages in scripture is Galatians 5:16-26 where Paul breaks down the difference between the desires of the flesh and the Spirit. Recently, I have been hit with the importance that as believers we need to walk in the spirit, for this is how we overcome the sinful desires inside of us.

This week I would like to take time and talk about this passage and how it applies to our daily life.

The first part of this passage is the identifying of the two natures within us: The flesh and Spirit. Paul begins by saying that by walking in the Spirit we overcome the desires of the flesh. In verse 17 he says the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh.

The first part is this: We overcome the flesh, not by our flesh but by the Spirit and our flesh and Spirit are oppossed to each other.

The emphasis is on the Spirit and the power of the Spirit within us to overcome the flesh.

We need Revival

Revival is a common word around the IHOP world and prevalent in most Corey Russell sermons. I am currently enrolled in Eddie B’s ‘Revival and its leaders,’ this class is focused on studying revival history and its leaders. My heart has been gripped with the reality of revival. The other night I blogged that I can’ t talk but I must pray. A few minutes after typing that my heart was struck with tears and a ‘groan which words cannot express’ as Paul would call it. I have never experienced something like this.

This experience marked me and just two days later I still feel the groan resting on me. Learning about these great outpourings of the Spirit in history has inspired me to contend for it in our day. I look at the lives of John Wesley, George Whitefield, David Branaird and Charles Finney and I ask God this question: why can’t that be me? The people he has chosen in history were just as weak and broken as I am today. He chose weak vessels to manifest his presence in, then why can’t he rest on me today?

The simple cry for revival is coming out of me again and with a grateful heart I am thankful for this glorious encounter. God has left me hungry and revelling in my own depravity.

I pray that upon reading this you would be gripped with the same heart cry of asking God for revival.

My Love and Appreciation for Zack


I am continuing where I left off a few days ago in talking about Z. Zack Attack and myself have been roommates for almost 2 years now. My earliest memories of living with Zack was the 150 plus channels we had from ordering digital cable for the NBA playoffs. Along with the sports channels there were multiple movie channels available. The movie of the summer became, ‘2 Fast 2 furious.’ This movie was total cheese but became our movie, just as Sky High is now our movie. We would watch 2 Fast 2 Furious upon coming home from the prayer room. Z and J did not get along. we did not talk much for the first 10 months that we lived together. Our reason for the tension was our relational life outside of each other. We both had girlfriends at the time up until about a year ago, when both those relationships ended at the same time. The breaking up of those relationships caused us to come together and really become friends.

For the past year I have grown to love and appreciate Zack. Zack is a big brother to me. I grew up with a sister, but never a brother. After getting out of a relationship the temptation one feels is to do anything but what you’ve been doing. For me, I wanted to go home and do anything but IHOP. Zack was there to speak the truth to me and buy me pancakes when I was having ‘that look in my eye.’ Zack grew accustomed to my body language, he could always tell when I was in need of some long talk.

Zack has become more than just friend and more than just the older guy in my life that encourages me to not be so hard on myself. Zack is full of integrity and passion for Jesus. I have learned so much from just listening and watching Zack.He has truly set the pace in my life for what it means to be a man of God.

This May we will be celebrating two years of living together, I am sure we will have a party, you are all invited.