Is God in control or are you in control of your life?

I am tackling a huge subject today…..the leadership of God in our lives. I have been having this conversation with people latley. The question that most people ask themselves on a daily basis( at least a few times a month) is who am I and what am I doing with my life? It is a very popular question in the minds of many, especially when you are graduating high school or college. The whole world wants to know two things: identity and purpose.

I have a better question to ask then these two popular ones. The question is do you believe that God is in control of your life? Do you believe that God knows what he is doing? I think many times we miss the opportunity to taste the rain and ponder the extravagence of creation. I mean come on……God created the world. Not only did he create this tiny little earth, but he created everything. God is on his throne and nothing will move him, nothing will stand in his way. Many times we don’t stop and think that God has the whole wide world in his hands, he has us in his hands. Many times we think that God is afraid or insecure about his creation. I have thought to myself many times that God is afraid of my weakness, that he doesn’t really know what to do with my weakness. NO!

NO WAY! God is unafraid and unintimidated at my weakness and my shortcomings. God is in control of our lives. he knows exactly what to do to get us to choose him and to see him. He knows exactly what it will take to cause me to worship him.

So, in conclusion, the next time you battle with control of your life and wanting to do things your way, remember who you are dealing with, GOD. Remember the power that he has, remember his burning heart towards you and me. Remember how unmoved he is about our weakness, he is not afraid of our shortcomings.


Psalms 103

This is an old blog from a few months ago:

Hey everyone,
I am getting used to having this blog available to me everyday. My thought of the day is the goodness of God. In Psalm 103 David praises the Lord for God’s goodness. I have been meditating on this Psalm all day. David breaks down some reasons why God is to be blessed.

He says forget not all his benefits.

What are his benefits?

1. He forgives our iniquity- As believers we have been washed by the blood of Jesus. God has provided the atonement for our sin by the blood of his son. He longer holds our sins against us. For the unreedeemed God has made a way, there is nothing that you have done that can seperate you from his love. He is faithful to forgive.

2. He heals our diseases- This verse promises us that God is the God who heals our infirmities and sickness.

3. He redeems our life from the pit- God loves to take those that do not deserve his love and mercy(that would be all of us) and redeem them to himself.

Remember the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!


There is no victory without hearts of purity

My thought of the day is a question of purity-

What does it mean to live pure? Most of us have grown up believing that if only I don’t have sex until I am married then I am still a virgin and I have kept my purity. The only problem with this mindset is that everything else becomes acceptable.

The ruckus? Jesus defined purity in the Sermon on the Mount. First, he said blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. He is saying that without a pure heart you will be unable to enounter God. I think he is talking about the eyes of our understanding. Then, he says that if you even LOOK at a women to lust for her you have already committed adultery with her in your heart.

So, purity is not about not doing something, it is more about committing our eyes and our hands to the Lord everyday.

Think about purity.

What is the current ruckus?

Why is it that when called upon to act in obedience to the Lord I back down out of fear of failure?

I go out in public and I feel these things churning and turning inside of me, these longings to stand up and preach the gospel but yet I feel like it is impossible, that it will never happen, I will never have the courage to do it.

My thought of the day is that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself(some famous guy in history said it).

That’s all for now.

We are in the boat and Jesus is inviting us to step out and walk on water.