A World of Unrighteousness

When I was a fire in the night intern I studied the book of James like a madman. I spent the last month of my track one mulling over five tiny chapters. James is the book of the Christian life. He hammers it home on what it means to practice our Christian faith. Last week I was reading and I noticed three things in James chapter 3. James talks about the tongue in this chapter.

Jas. 3:6 says the tongue is ‘a world of unrighteousness.’ When I think of the world I think of chaos, I think of billions of people who are all different crashing into each other.

Jas. 3:8 says that ‘no human being can tame the tongue.’

Jas. 3:9 says that ‘we bless the Lord and we curse people made in God’s image.’

James is emphasizing that our speech is very powerful, our speech can bring life or death to someone.

Conclusion: Spend a day thinking about what is really coming out of your mouth, think about the words you choose to use and don’t use.

God give us grace to speak life to one another.

The Splits 91 times

Well I never thought a single act such as dropping down and doing the splits in front of people would be so cool. I just checked You Tube and 91 people have seen this video so far…its only been three days…I would just like to thank all of you who are fans of the splits and a special thanks to Zack and Charity who filmed the video and brought great inspiration on the set. I am thrilled. To see the video here is the official link: The Splits

Freaky Friday, very freaky

Like I said Friday is the greatest day ever of the whole week. Because I have such high expectations for Friday to be so grandiose if Friday is lame then I get really sad. The night was okay, it wasn’t not fun but it also wasn’t the funnest(not a word). We began the night with eating rice and beans and watching the splits video for the 10th time(It was Kyle and Charity’s first time). Then we went to a plethora of art galleries in downtown KC. Art is cool and I am a fan but there is some art out there that just straight up freaks me out. We went upstairs at this one gallery and lets just say I am never going upstairs at that gallery ever again. Lastly, the night ended with extreme drowsiness while we were eating. I would have to say that the Ethiopian coffee I had was pretty freaky tasting. The highlight of the night was posting the splits video on You Tube.(I am working on posting the link, search: ‘The Splits.’

Its Freakin’ Friday Man!

Friday is the greatest day ever for me. Why? Cause its all about hanging with my friends, loving each other and not worrying so much about all the responsibilities we all have throughout the week. My group of friends usually consists of Zack, Kyle, Tim, Charity, and the best for last: Gregory Jazachchaahahak. I am sure there are many others that I am leaving out and Charity made the list because we’re hanging out in 10 minutes and she participated in the filming of the splits video. Really, I am trying to justify the list so no one gets offended, but its bound to happen….anyhow Friday is always a good time. I usually end my day in thankfulness to God for the amazing older, more mature, life experienced people that he has given me and that they would actually invite a young man like me into their circle of elderness, ha, lots has changed since high school…..stay tuned for a story reflecting my freakin’ Friday.

The passionate passion of the Christos

Today my class watched Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. Everything was going good for me, as far as me not talking during the movie, then this one girl came into the scene when Jesus was carrying his cross. The whole class is in awestruck silence at the passionate passion in this scene. I just happen to comment on things in movies out loud when I notice things(I get this from my dad). I said, ‘no way, that is the girl from spidey-2.‘ Well, the girls in front of me thought it was funny and I think everyone else was glad this was Jared’s last class..anyway, the passionate passion of the Christos is beyond comprehension. In three weeks I have been struck with one simple thought: without a proper understanding of Christology we have no theology. We have nothing to live for unless we know the man in the red letters, unless we enounter the words on the pages.

This is cliche at the HOP, ‘we must have encounter’, you hear that a lot. It has been hitting my heart more and more that as much as we say this we need to keep saying it. We need to remind each other that everything we read and study should point us to Christ. We need to be determined to know Christ and Him crucified. We need to understand the birth, life, death, resurrection and return of Christ. Our lives have to be enraptured in his passionate passion for us. Concluding: His passion for us led him to the cross, which should then lead us to lay down our live for each other.

Slippery slapaty snow storm

Yeah so it snowed last night. Snow is like white thick construction paper soaked in agua falling out the sky a million miles a second. Luckily, it only snowed two inches, just enough to keep us able to travel but still provides slippery snow. My excuse for what I am about to say is because of the slippery slapaty snow storm but really I just need to slow down. I backed out of the driveway and hit the family mailbox. The left bottom corner of the box got cracked just enough for the world to see. Lucky for me there was a check in there for myself, the check should help when I break the mailbox news to Zack attack. To conclude: be safe out there and watch out for mailboxes when you drive backwards.

Eager Beaver

Speaking of beavers special shout out to Nick Beaver at ZHOP. He is getting married in March, if I got the cash I am there. Nick and I were roommates in FITN. We were loud, obnoxious and always in our little world of Spike and Ratchet. Anyhew….eager beaver is term that is mostly associate with to much zeal for a simple task. The other night Zack gave me some ushering marching orders for the night. He meant the first three rows, I thought he said the whole front of the prayer room. I told 55 people plus some non-people to stop pacing(dogs, cats, exc.) All to find out that my eagerness overrode listening to what the big man said. I laughed when I heard the news. I am learning to laugh at stuff like this, besides its just pacing in the PR.