*1-2-18( Tuesday)

This page has always been developing and looks more like a rough draft of a final paper. I am after the real thing. I want to last long. I don’t just mean make it until I am 90. I mean let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be true…


I have told this story many times. The Ruckus started when I was a teen( 2000) and it was a progression of goofy and in the moment quotes of the adventures of myself and my friends. We roamed the streets of Fort Collins and Loveland late at night. I think every writer and aspiring artist has some kind of homage to the place they grew up in. After Fort Collins I moved to Kansas City. I was there 8 crazy years. And by crazy I mean life changing. And by life changing I mean kind of crazy. I am forever grateful for the time I spent at the house of prayer. It was the place that birthed this blog and made me really want to be one of those fire and power kind of preachers.

Since 2013 I have lived in Los Angeles. 2013 was by far the worst year of my life. Something I have reflected on many a times


About me( past, present, future):

The asterisk mark is what was written sometime in 2017 and really reflects 2016. I am Jared Diehl. Raised to believe I was the only one and named after the actor Jared Martin from Big Valley. I was almost George the 3rd and am glad that my parents changed it. I have one amazing awesome older sister Alyssa. She has some kids now and being an Uncle is the funnest. They live in Seattle. I live in Los Angeles and reside in La Verne. Down the street from where I live is the Circle K where they set Bill and Ted’s Excellent adventure. However, it is filmed in Phoenix like most of the film which is set in San Dimas.

I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. My teenage wasteland years were spent there in church in Loveland. This is where I met A. J, Isaiah, Chris, Fletcher, Sethry, Joel, Thomas and a long list of friends( the list being the closest) that were apart of my story as much as I was apart of their story too.

The name Ruckus Journal came from that time in life. We rebelled against our world by making a Ruckus and quite literally damaging people’s houses with eggs and toilet paper. I wonder if kids do this now? This was 1999 to 2003.  We did get away with a lot and it crashed down on evening for us that caused us to stop. Our senior year was on way, and that year was full of just as many funny stories. My interest in film and editing also came about at this time.

I moved to Kansas City fall of 2004( pretty much) had a few months where my sister got engaged and my parents have moved to Orange County.

  • to be continued…


2017  sometime-*This page has been a work in progress. I recently took down everything I had on this page.

April 2014 I crafted a summary of my life to give you a better picture of me and where some inspiration comes. It is always a life to be lived. It is one big invitation.

Yeah I have been down, so deep and so lost in darkness. I am working for You. I am getting it together. Mark One( The Living Bible) says,

“This messenger will live out in the barren wilderness,” Isaiah said,[b]“and will proclaim that everyone must straighten out his life to be ready for the Lord’s arrival.”

Our lives are up against challenges. I am 30 years old and in November I will be 31. I think I will say I am 30 as long as I can. It has been a life changing year of life. I am convinced of things I have always known, but now I think I am starting to see.

That one famous Henry David Guy said, “It is not what you look at, it is what you see.”

Christ has been my vision. Often, on this blog I have delved into film reviews and pop culture references. I have been rather obsessed with film and shows. I have spent hours and hours editing videos and doing a very simple task. I have loved to live and to recreate my experiences..that has been an honor.

This ABOUT  page is about whatever you want to call it…just kidding.

I am about the Gospel. It has ruined me. It has carved something deep inside of me. It has collided with my problems. It has leveled me out. It has kept me up. It has helped me sleep. It has expanded my heart to love.

I have been more raw and more real on this blog this past year of life then ever before. I do need to be careful what I say and how I process. Life is hard. Life brings confusion. Life brings unfair to the table and takes away the table. Life doesn’t give you a break sometimes.


Life is also where we are. We are here. And that is no accident or mistake. Our purpose goes way beyond just surviving, yet anything that snaps us out of self-pity is a gift. You have spent a lot of time searching. You don’t know the answer. You want them though.

You have a lot of questions and conflict is the source of any great story. So, don’t stop. Don’t stop digging. You stopped digging cause it makes you feel misunderstood. Well maybe those people aren’t your friends anyway. I am here to tell you: don’t quit.

The RUCKUS is any loud noise you can make. It is any loud COMMOTION you can partake in. The loudest NOISE you can trumpet is LOVE. Love is a noise and without God’s version its just an echo.

God’s presence is this beautiful and terrifying thing. Not a unhealthy fear where you cower in something false and demonic. The kind of Godly fear that has been threaded through every book of the bible and that leaves us breathless.

Yeah, it is going down. Heaven that is. That loud sound from up above. The ripping open of Heaven. That is the loud noise we await!

You got to live. You got to stop running away from the present moment. I know it hurts. You got those lips that are cracked. You got some stress. Its causing you to go a little crazy, but crazy will remain. You need some PEACE. You don’t need SAFETY. You need some RISK.

You got to read HIS words in RED. You got to look up to HEAVEN. You got to make a ear cleansing lead to HEARING His VOICE. You are real close to getting close.

It is still a page in progress, and so are YOU, and so am I.

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