Sermon/Teaching Reviews

This page is dedicated to reviewing prophetic words/messages/ videos( i.e. stuff from the Elijah Lists. And also sermons over the years that have impacted me from IHOP-KC(mostly) and Bethel and my current church( New Life Community Church).

Kris Valloton and Bethel Sermons of the Week


Kris has been speaking for years(most likely) I only know from some of his books and what I have heard so far his story with how he came to be apart of Bethel in Redding, CA. I respect Kris and his ministry and love what he has to say. These reviews are messages that have been released via his podcast that as of now only goes back to May 30, 2007. Which is still 7 years now of sermons and teachings.

KV Podcast Message #1: Be Imitators Of God(recorded April 7, 2007)


International House Of Prayer-Kansas City

Since 2004 I have been sitting under hours and hours of Mike Bickle, Stuart Greaves, Allen Hood and David Sliker, Corey Russell ( and many others) but mostly them. And it has radically changed my life in the past decade. These sermon reviews are dedicated to growing in a greater understanding of intimacy with Jesus, prayer and the end of the age message. Other messages stem from IHOP-KC as well. I will review as much



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