Thoughts On Prophecy

If the prophetic word is people repeating what everyone else repeats then either it seems original but it’s not or God uses fluffy empty words to test the church. It seems like the abundance of words that all sound the same says more about our lack of depth in the word then the words themselves.

I love prophecy for edification and building up but on the other side is the fact that I don’t need anymore words or confirmations.I have the written word and is that not enough? Sometimes we crave direction from the “prophet” instead of abiding in the one that we are to follow with our all of our hearts. The tension will always be what has already been said and how to test what is being said. I crave the real thing. (Ephesians 4:14-15)

Lies in the cracks

I am new to daily life,

I am new to mundane

An expert at insane,

Sugar addiction,

Love friction,

Lack of fruit for this

Cup I feel is never to


Lies in the cracks,

Lies in the backs that walk

This earth–

Oh God, I have no answers for the futures that

Await me–

Just kids play in the background–

I am weak in every way of the word,

I am on that couch again where you

Sit with me,

A couch family was rarely felt,

Its strips of rips of cloths of colors

Blurred blue now,

Embarased–for I can’t even spell it right,

Never did I like that house we lived in,

It was always shaking,

It was always faking its appearance upon

Me, mountain view behind us,

But heavy rocks upon us—

Where is wrath now?

Upon the world or in

The home? Safety was never

Found, church affairs, no one

Sees your family life, the way you

Use the knife with words to send

Your kids out the door, to tell your

Wife no more saying no to me,

I am the man, submit to me..



Eyes Of Change

And now all the Orange weather is flagging me in,

And your face is reckoning within, hunger games between us,

Black screens of lust and trust in five dollars for two hours to come

Between us, talks of the past and meadow fields you ran through, held your

Hand one day and told you I would never go away, phone vibration to get this

Heart beating again, a little bit of you, a little bit of connection, and a lot of

Protection now in the meat section, much to chew on between us, much seas

To cross with us now, sodium of change in the sea of rearrange, and absorption into

Your world now, and dreams of the future, to be richer and better for you now, all

To put down the weapons of my trust in you, and all to resurrect a new you and a

New worldview, for all I want to do is be with you and never leave now, on the floor

Always praying it would stay an always, and now we have shifted in your tone and

Built a home to come together now, inside the weather of change, and orange colors

Around us to combust the battle we have inside of us, and you always with brown

Eyes tell me to never fear and that body of yours seems to be always living in fear

And curbside chats of broken men and their wounds in you and the belly mark of

Children in you, now abortion chats now out last the protector in me, to harm you

Would be pernicious and to resist you would be the tempress, so now take those

Brown eyes of yours and look no more at me, for I am no longer savior, Messiah or

The right guy, I am just trying to get you to look up and look forever at what will

Change you forever, and it isn’t me

Your Adoption

Between Aisles, Protection, Belly Of Responsibility and Waves Of Control are all about the same few people in the Orange County days. When I lived in Orange County and worked at Trader Joes. I think you know who you are.

With you there was always a sense of adoption,

Shifted from foster care you ate the soup and inhaled

The drug that you were always alone, here it moans inside

Me again, I keep accepting your rejection as an invitation,

Painful realization you never wanted my name around those

Fancy parties in Orange County affairs, you never wanted me there

With you, afraid of my God talk, but when the chatter subsided you

Opened up again, your own adoption bloodline came out and you

Accepted who I was, and east coast ways they hit my west coast dreams

And so it seemed we became a new team, your broken ways limped

And winked at me, to see you helpless and close to homeless, I accepted

The flight we took to fly together, I had always wanted perfect weather

Anyway, it drifted as months passed you still went your own way abusing

Yourself with those guys that didn’t like you anyway, but when the sun went

Away there I was to stay, dilated you became, my facial expression lost its

Training for sad faces, then came the uproar inside the adoption reached out

To you, waves of control came to enthrall me once again, you gave up your baby,

You gave up life inside, you easily said good-bye, now my weapon went out,

Your protection became suspicion, safety in me is what you wanted, I would

Have treated you better now knowing your fall, pick me up again, be with me

Again, then I started inspecting my own saving ways, for you to stay would have

Been the worst between us, for the west coast was for dreaming the rest of the

World for living, and you settled it plainly you didn’t want your dreams to get in the

Way, it all became a bust, you and us, it became a lie and casualties lied down in

Front of me, I am not what you need love will make you succeed in these waves

Of control I am sending your way, so come with me again, learn how to love


Waves Of Control

Been passing the red street lights

Under the bridge is where they live

Hiding their propriety and begging for

Money, the high priority has been the sudden

Pregnancy of those close to me, bearing children

On their own, rearing the kids soon to own,

I hone in on the truth and search for the proof,

For lately it has come to me, keeping me from sleeping,

In the middle of the night, my mind searching for

What is right, how do you tell a broken soul that abortion

Lends you out of control and hijacked innocence in the

Name of convenience, is it my highest that has been slipping,

Me thinking that I can switch the ignition and turn this car

Around down the path of the narrow into what carries into

The light, she said it right, she felt tempted then dilated then

My face elated at the news now shattered in the past, no

One can press the gas past the shame to come and the

Wounding by another great name, see I’ve had it wrong and

The pricking prong has stood out under my fingernails,

I can’t give away what once came in a day, the test has been

Practiced and she went with it, afraid at 19 of the west coast

Dream and so it seems that I always assume I really have no

Clue how to walk with scars and pretend you’re not blue,

It tells me something of my own dreams, that a white picket

Fence in orange town could be the biggest frown, that what you

Can’t control keeps you begging for more of gravity to kill the

Cavity of the selfish disease, just a kiss then just a heart to you,

Then just a little bit more and here we are again, at it between aisles

And I’ve listened for years of your tears yet green behind my ears,

Walking through my own separation, earning it by the sea with someone

Who never really liked me, all I wanted was for your protection,

All I wanted was for your safety, yet it slipped through me and

I’ve been holding tight for years afraid of the flight as I watched your

Plight, sometimes autonomy is the best weapon to keep you stuck

In your eternal rut of loud speaking as you were steadily bleeding

On the inside, this song is for you by the ocean blue you spent with

Me, here is for the times you opened up and have grown up and 3 years

Down I shout at the ground and wish for an earthquake underneath you,

Anything to get your attention, so I give up with my pretention and give

You the best invention—the love of the Son, see it around me when

I talk with you, I keep no record of your sin and I pray you see it



To a close friend. Thinking of you. This is for you.

Been walking down the path of the misunderstood

And under your breath, reasons of regret click the

Faucet and drip down the reasons for frowning,

Pregnant and alone at 3am as hours click by he doesn’t

Show but you jumped the next train out of this town,

Where is he anyway? Its all going down the drain, men

Who aren’t mature in the brain, where have we come

Down fatherless America, its clicking in pandemonium

The sudden surge of the auditorium watching you make

Mistakes in adolescence, watching your heart sweat and

Beat on your own, you’ve relegated to yourself that you

Will be by yourself, she paced between aisles letting me in

On her life, east coast dreaming in white sand on the Atlantic

Just the salt water shifted from freezing cold to warmer and

Safety is what she wanted from me, protection was my job

Description, you just don’t know who you are and how far

Have you come, $20,000 car coming around back allies and

Future ally’s was you and I, between these aisles I heard of

Your sudden pregnancy, responsibility smacked you in the face

You wanted to escape this place, I had your bags packed from

Out of here, down highway five to sunny LA where dreams came

True, you’re alone on the phone it never rang, you never came with

Me as we train trekked around and looked for more protection,

Then the phone became busy and hefty news elated me, you took

The life of you baby, life inside suddenly not so much, here’s my fuss,

I am now all screwed up, Messiah complex undressing my senses,

I knew I couldn’t save you as you committed the abortion I examined

Your portion and found you worthy of being treated better now

Fake Orange weather accompanied me, to all those who feel alone,

And are up by the groan, to the lonely down the path of the pregnant,

I give you a prayer for being misunderstood and wrestling why you

Should stay with it and tell that man to beat it if he doesn’t succeed at

Being there for you, our modern mask of immaturity must be ripped out

And written out of our script for life skills, I am here for you but I am just

That only Christ can save you and be the man for you, here I am with weak

Words to share with you

Surrendering Innocence

Surrendering Innocence


Leaving kids locked up in the car,

Mom’s shopping ignorant to the

Horn screeching for the world to

Hear each whisper and gasp, a

Baby honking the horn just to

Get us to listen that our lives

Have become like thunderstorms,

No rest for the sky to split,

No time for sun to set,

No rhyme to change the

Scheme to exchange innocence

For beach breezes where little

Toddlers running naked on the

Beach isn’t deemed as cute anymore

But an injustice, for us

Who can speak for the unborn

As if someone has drowned them

Out with convenience as if

Responsibility doesn’t apply

To me, has this become our

Geography, our terrain in our

Brain, thinking and meddling

Over how much money we’re

Willing to pay to get a three year

Old a businessman’s pleasure

A locked up cage, a robot

Mechanism twisting bolts

And washers, petting and

Surrendering innocence

As the lavender soap has

Absorbed dirt under each

Clear fingernail, no longer

Pure white after the dirt has

Sunk in, and isn’t this just

The beginning, mud soaking

Puddles, a surrendering of

Innocence, no more children

With free spirits just toddlers

Who have lost goggles in the

Deep end, can’t search the ocean

Floor anymore, can’t splash in

The rain anymore, you must

Be swept away with a world

That will use you for their

Selfish pleasure and how

Long have we had the

Upper hand, how long

We’ve had to understand

That making things right

Should keep us at night,

That trafficking needs

Some red lights and those

Districts need sunset splits

And angels emptying heaven

For hoping in him is a surrender

To destroy all in the way of

Innocence, true repentance and

True punishment for those

That ignore his presence,

And this is the essence of

The problem, embracing

The surrender to innocence,

Keeping it pure, keeping the

Little sister spoken for

Before its too late, before

Corrupt men still hate what is

Light, consumed by flames

Of fire and fire in his eyes,

Endless sulfur, endless burn,

Is your little perversity worth

Eternity, is staying silent worth

Serenity, or will you raise your

Voice, will you and I make the

Right choice.