Putting Away Childish Things

1Cor.13:11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. 12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.

How you mature into an adult is largely based on your revelation and experience of God’s love. If fear is a result of no love or very little then a fear of growing up takes place. Taking ownership of your emotions, experiences, and choices all flows from a high vision of God’s goodness. If we are immature then it could be from a low vision or no vision of who God says He is. I seek to mature and to help others do the same. Paul is also telling us to put away childish ways in community not just as individuals. Thoughts?

Father’s Day Thoughts

From my Facebook page:

Sometimes I wonder if pain from parents in our child hood has a dynamic connection to who we are in Christ and where we are going in God. It can be a form of warfare from the enemy. But the key is to honor and be a peacemaker in our relationships. I do believe in generational curses/sin but the way in which the curse gets broken is in one word: change. Change and do what it takes to not follow any form of brokenness that has been passed down to you. All of this starts with gratitude and honor for where you are at today and how much Father’s are apart of our journey.

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Facebook Discussions: Love and Lawlessness

It seems controversial to say that God’s love is the most important thing we could ever pursue and in just reading Paul we see that we gain nothing, we are nothing and we have nothing without God’s love. However, it is just as controversial to only talk about love apart from the entirety of who God is apart from love but not seperate from love. The book Love Win’s stirred so much confusion yet in essence the title itself is part of the problem. It is not just about God’s love. In regards to Hell it is not just about love. Hell is not for those who didn’t learn how to love. Hell is for those that did not repent. It is for those that did not believe. It is for those that lived in wickedness. I know what many would think in hearing this: this is just what us Christians do..we condemn people and tell everyone they are going to Hell!

Well, yes and no. All I am saying is that God’s love is one part of the story and in its own sort of revolving way the main part of the story. Yet, lawlessness is what causes people’s love to grow cold. A love of pleasure rather then the love of God is what marks the end-time heart posture. We cannot preach love without also preaching repentance. We cannot talk just about loving without also realizing how depraved and wicked we are and can be.

I think the response of the “world” that Christians just condemn other people is probably true a lot of the time but we have to ask ourselves why that is? If we just talk about love with sentiment attached to it then what difference do we make? THe Gospel has all of God and all of God is scary good. Clearly from 1 Cor. 6 and Ephesians 5 love is not really mentioned in those who do not inherit the Kingdom of God. Love and holiness and God’s righteousness all flow together and all work together. It is also interesting to add that John the Baptist didn’t talk about love He talked about repentance for the Kingdom was near’ and the result of his ministry was getting his head chopped off. Thoughts?

Business Card

It’s a Sunset boulevard kind of hard

The one with the fancy business card

Apostle it should say for this Prophet

To pay to stay—I am wild now in a newer

Kind of way, bus stops daily in this city called

A cavity, called a dearth of ideas and an earth

Of repairs needed—I hoist up this pride for

Lord Stanley to take it from me, nothing in

This life ever seems free—free fall for the

Past days of sunset getaways, to much

Sand to sift through now but I am lost

Never for the wrong reasons, it was once

With the many seasons but better is getting

Bigger for this heart is expanding for You—

Happy is a disease that eats away at us,

Fast cars and tight clothes, the more skin

The more sin to peel back, naked and ashamed

In that garden rain, sin was plain to paste, to

Private to post—where are you now?

I am hiding on Sunset boulevard

I am passing out my starry business

Card—Apostle is me for have I not seen

The Lord? He is risen, He is in heaven but

Is He living in me? Hard is overrated, rather

Impossible is the future—how to love better

Than the past warfare seasons—we have not seen

Anything yet

The best storms are the one’s You create,

Love like an umbrella, better than Coachella is

A sound to come, a new Song to sing, but deep

Is where we got to go, deep into that uncomfortable

Are the blind at our feasts? Or are we to blind to see?

Today’s Reality, Show Me Mercy

Lovesick is the latch that is to attach

To the pain I feel, bus ride in the heat,

Humility over humidity, windy city with a

Never ending skyline, Gospel lover send it

Over, will I die as this Beloved Messenger?

Sex sells all over this God forsaken computer in

Front of me—pleasure is man’s measure to obtain

But wrath stays stored up, I now stay poored up in

The pouring rain, wasting my life in empty rooms

Praying to unseen forces, crying over the tragedy

I call sin’s sickness—this is the condemnation—

I love what I condemn, I love the darkness too,

It is not just them over there—I have wasted away

Too much money on sugar and that Eagle Eyed Cherry

Night, fighting the dawn with you, up late with the English

Patient but I knew it was the desert I had to walk in—like

Salt in the mouth it never seems to end, what now is

Religion anyway? Cause I am a pleasure renegade,

Cause I had those nights too will it seemed good to

Try to slip away, to try to hide away from the conscious

Fainted in the sin but the desire stays the same—love

Will have to proclaim me, but what does God feel?

Test today, failed it last year, one last time to get it

Right but still His face follows the trace of my outline

And an outline I feel, powerless after midnight to get

Anything right, I too am a failure and a fracture of a man

Free fallin plays on repeat for I love those old songs before

Pop music destroyed everything!

Superficial talks are no longer good enough,

Condoms are a bust even when they do not

Bust..yes, kids, as long as its safe? Really,

Hmmmmmmm..I can’t just sit around like

I am stupid because I am not but dumb is

Not in the bible but foolish is—this body bends

All kinds of ways but it will bow before Holy and

True, it will die with desire covered all around,

An imputed sound of a new sheriff in town—

King Jesus here to stay—I am not ready and I will

Not talk to kids like they don’t know what is going on—

Sure I shutter to say the word sex and naked and intercourse

And porn and scorn and shame and human trafficked little girls

And prostitutes that come to my church and tweakers in the

Skyline I call comfortable sunset time—meth addicts with no

Teeth to handle some real pleasure, some real love, some

Real mercy! We are all broken but how poor, how desperate

Are we for God, how much are we willing to give—I don’t

Know but I am pretty sure it is no less then everything

Dead To Sin

Love addiction

Love revelation

Less addicted to today’s restoration

Pain and change

Loose and tight

Trying to get it right

Up at midnight for greatness

Rises early, pain stays up late,

Struggle has no circadian rhythm

Hold it not so light

That thing called God’s light—

That thing called living right—

Godliness is not sexy and

Sex is a mystery to behold—

Sun spots free of charge for the

Picnic days of love’s getaway—

I too am a shade tree, I too have

Delight in the temporary, I too

Am not a tower but I am David,

I am a mercy lover, I am a bloodlust

Kind of blade runner, for religion is

A robot to fight, a stiff necked wrestle

Match—publish these into a book but

Let that book shine brightly, I will not

Die unless I say Jesus rightly—

You did not learn Christ this way—

Without the Cross we are cursed and

Dead in our sins! Its futile to live by

Fate, it feels futile to live by faith,

It will not be futile when frugal burns

Deep and bright and replaces our poverty

With that continuing city—the one to come

We call home, forever and ever—Amen!

Midnight Memory

It’s a midnight memory

Yes, I stole that from One Direction

Misguided I am by the pop culture

Fandom wrapped in stardom we

Call the news today—

I am thirsty however for

What is true, I am pressed up

Against all that is not new,

Not newness, not goodness,

Yes, this is God’s patience—

A hard pressed life one against

The loveless and the wreckless

But for love it all changes and

Rearranges the insides of our heart’s

Deepest desires—I too stay up late

Sipping coffee when I should be asleep

But I to crave the right kind of midnight

One with oil, one with a red eyed flight

To that place called perfection, called

Burn in me a new getaway, called Zion’s

Jetway, it’s a continuing city, it’s a windy

Skyline, it’s a golden bridge in due time,

It’s a winding road and I am lost whenever

You go—do not leave us here dead in our

Sins, hopped up on trespassing in the highway

Flourishing—I too am a palm tree to flourish

And a pain to nourish in Your eyes, I too am

A midnight memory but when I see You let

Me in, let me sit, let me not be the one you

Cast out—more oil for the midnight days

Ahead—its all for You!

Tainted Thoughts

Who has the answer

The image is tainted

Made to be painted

By Holy things—

By Holy and True

By a new you found

In his death—

Diva pager

Racial slur slayer

I love division

I hate admission

I run from conviction

I love the friction

Man rages with the nonfiction

The mountain top facts

Your glory back

They saw your voice

But they still had the choice

Tablet heart, write it a fresh

A living epistle is up for suspect

I am retrospect, a hipster crew cut

A deep v turtleneck,

A Seattle coffee stop,

A new life to live for all

The Unholy thoughts—

Divided we will fall,

United in Christ we

Will still fall—on His

Rock, On His word,

In this place we have built

There is fear for You

I am Continuance

Always a continuing soul

Always a burning control war

Never a backup plan for this life

With wingspan—dangerous is the

Sold out soul, trouble is the one

Who loses control! I am David too,

A lover of mercy, a lover of thirsty

A bloodshed lover, a late night adulterer,

A righteous slayer of the census,

Senseless you could say, but war lives

And lies within me—I am a fighter too

I am a warrior too! I will lean in again,

Always is Your love on repeat,

Sin for the delete button,

Arrogance has me in,

But poverty is for the storage

Bin—I pull out that weakness

When You need it—is it daily?

Are we all just crazy for love?

Crazy in love?

Better than pop music is the ceiling

To stare at when lights fade and

The noise quiets down—

Forever is Your sacrifice,

Forever now, I don’t think

Twice—nothing ever rhymes

In the river of risk that runs

Through You—I am continuing

Because of You, we are here,

Always Lord, for You, for all

That You do! Make me a David

Too—fearless in mercy for it

Is furious, it is fierce, it does

Now pierce the deepest weaknesses

And the biggest addictions—I am

Educated wrongly, I am rich wrongly,

I am continuance,

An ever safe life has burned

Down now—all is for You,

A holy entity, a burning Holy

Continuing city

Facebook Discussions: Being Yourself or Being like Christ?

Posted to my facebook  page.

Seemingly contradictory biblical ideas that have surfaced in conversations the last couple of months. what do we think about:

-What is the difference between dying to ourselves( ‘it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me’) AND being yourself? If being yourself involves acting immature and conforming to sin then what do we mean by “just be you?”

Our motivation to learn who we are comes from a few cracks in the foundation. First off, we can hate ourselves and despise who we are and what we look like. Secondly, Christ is our focus and being like Him is the call of every follower of Jesus, it’s not just a good idea. However, if we don’t like who we are then we will not follow Jesus very well so discovering who we really are “in Christ’ seems to be what we mean by “be yourself!” But yet, its not about me being myself. I can find a cure for self-hatred by agreeing with God’s truth but what I feel like we try to mean in all of this(feels more complex then it needs to be, but maybe it is) is

I need to be ME because I am unique and special and therefore we CAN work on that apart from the pursuit of Christ. I really don’t care for any of that because that is extremely sinful and shallow and undermines grace. I don’t have the right to just “be me” if what I do is immature, sinful and childish all in the name of “oh, I am just an extrovert, this is who I am?”

If you know me as Jared, yes I am a dork 100 percent. I love doing the splits and making people laugh and I’ve discovered that that is a gift BUT at the same time growing up in God requires that parts of the proclivities to “act” a certain way will be part of who I am with also a question of motive..is this me acting this way to get attention from others or what is my motive in how “I act.”

If I just say I need to be me then me is wicked, depraved, evil, self-loving, loving pleasure rather than God, prideful, arrogant, using my influence wrongly, and the list goes on. If I just be me without submission to truth then I might as well stop this whole Christianity thing and play call to duty all day at my mom’s house(which my mom would tell me I am being stupid if I did that and probably not let me do that like any good parent would do).

It is accurate to say “lets be who God created us to be” and their is freedom in knowing that, but at the same time its not just some Freudian dream session where who you really are is in the subconscious where the id, the ego and the superego all collide. Knowing truth, the word and applying it to these notions of who we are has to always be at the center. Thoughts?