Thoughts On Prophecy

If the prophetic word is people repeating what everyone else repeats then either it seems original but it’s not or God uses fluffy empty words to test the church. It seems like the abundance of words that all sound the same says more about our lack of depth in the word then the words themselves.

I love prophecy for edification and building up but on the other side is the fact that I don’t need anymore words or confirmations.I have the written word and is that not enough? Sometimes we crave direction from the “prophet” instead of abiding in the one that we are to follow with our all of our hearts. The tension will always be what has already been said and how to test what is being said. I crave the real thing. (Ephesians 4:14-15)

Just A Thought On Some Sermons

Their is a common misconception to how we are to present the truth. Most of our approach aims at getting people to do three things: 1. Stop your bad thoughts 2. Say good things over yourself 3.tap into some inner goodness and when you do you will and can treat people better.

I don’t know everything but I do know that many sermons can have these three semi true things in them. It hurts our ears to hear that none is righteous no not one! But freedom comes when we rejoice in the good news because of the bad news. I am awesome in God and also not awesome ever because of my pride and arrogance. Their is no such thing as stopping bad thoughts or simply just conjuring up positive phrases for morning mirror time(though I look in the mirror all the time smile emoticon ) yes and no to all of this. I replace the bad with something true and I speak what is true but part of being a truth lover is realizing both sides of the story. I am royalty and I am also homeless. I am blessed but I also don’t deserve anything God has chosen to give me. I am not special even if my third grade teacher said I was. Jesus is special but not always does it need to be my unique traits have to outweigh who God is.

A little rant for you. The older I get the more I realize what I need and what we need is both sides of this sword called the Gospel. Thoughts?

Mercy List

Inspiration comes from many places. Most of the time it is from a reaction to what is happening around you that goes to a deeper place of what is going on inside of you mixed with some music that plays in your ipod…this is one of those reflections in light of the last few days..(the endless barrage of facebook comments on gay marriage)

Plane Mercy on the runway

Living like a runaway—carried

Away with darkness, at the edge

Of night, with bright eyes for the

Fight, Skinny love for the skinny latte,a

For the drinks you never drink,

For the shots on the jetway,

For the Samsonite of dreams

You carry so closely, endless

Nights of the getaway—the world

Is ready for a change, a change of

Heart—mercy cries out from inside

Of me, blinders for the blunders,

Pain for the miracles we don’t see—

Faith is of little substance to the

Stubborn heart—

Mercy for the start,

O God, mercy for the finish.

Mercy for the bumper sticker

Fish and its Darwin defeat,

Mercy for the politics in the

Name of love, mercy for the

Next president that sleeps in

Arrogance, that blinks with

Weary eyes, mercy for the

Red eyes in me, that want to

Live what I say,

Mercy for the jetway,

This plane is leaving soon

Mercy for the travels soon

To come, for the mission You

Give us

Mercy for the form

Mercy for the form without power

Mercy for the self-righteous parts of

This fight,

Mercy for the marriages on display

Mercy for the kids not yet spoken

For, mercy for the little sister,

Mercy for the boredom,

Mercy for the borders,

Mercy for the edges of Your ways

For where are they recently?

Mercy for the grace I need,

Mercy to try and succeed

Mercy for the love You have

Mercy for the vapid sentences

For the rapid memories of this

Small existence,

Mercy for the colors in the rainbow

For the division in me, for the racist

Slurs beneath my breath, for

The slow giving of second chances

For the debts I collect when love

Has no record of owing anything, no loans,

No recollection of dysfunctions way past

Your bed time, mercy for the bad dreams,

Mercy for the depressed lost in the dark,

Mercy for the spark we call zeal, we call

God willing I die in red, white and blue!

Mercy for this land we call freedom,

Mercy for bleeding abortion,

Mercy for the hemorrhage of

Judgment that seems to be rising

On the inside, mercy for the flames

We call the future, mercy for the Lake

Of Fire, but mercy for Daniel’s fire,

A fiery river of righteous,

Mercy for the way we say it

Mercy for the way we must live it

Mercy for the cracks we have

Caused, for the apples we have

Taken without Your permission,

Mercy for the three day rule of

Speaking things out, mercy for

The thrice days of resurrection

Ways, of dying again to being

The center of attention,

Mercy for the things I say

But more mercy for the

Things I don’t do,

Mercy for the lack of

Follow through, for not

Really following You,

Til death do us part

In sickness and in health

In rainbows or in puddles

Of quicksand, of problems

Just for living on this land

For saying Yes to Christ

No matter the cost,

For seeking the lost

For living for love

Mercy for our lack of

Grace and our zealous

Love for the truth diplayed

In the wrong ways

Mercy for the future

That you hold in the

Palm of Your hands

Father’s Day Thoughts

From my Facebook page:

Sometimes I wonder if pain from parents in our child hood has a dynamic connection to who we are in Christ and where we are going in God. It can be a form of warfare from the enemy. But the key is to honor and be a peacemaker in our relationships. I do believe in generational curses/sin but the way in which the curse gets broken is in one word: change. Change and do what it takes to not follow any form of brokenness that has been passed down to you. All of this starts with gratitude and honor for where you are at today and how much Father’s are apart of our journey.

Some comments from my FB page:

Facebook Discussions: Love and Lawlessness

It seems controversial to say that God’s love is the most important thing we could ever pursue and in just reading Paul we see that we gain nothing, we are nothing and we have nothing without God’s love. However, it is just as controversial to only talk about love apart from the entirety of who God is apart from love but not seperate from love. The book Love Win’s stirred so much confusion yet in essence the title itself is part of the problem. It is not just about God’s love. In regards to Hell it is not just about love. Hell is not for those who didn’t learn how to love. Hell is for those that did not repent. It is for those that did not believe. It is for those that lived in wickedness. I know what many would think in hearing this: this is just what us Christians do..we condemn people and tell everyone they are going to Hell!

Well, yes and no. All I am saying is that God’s love is one part of the story and in its own sort of revolving way the main part of the story. Yet, lawlessness is what causes people’s love to grow cold. A love of pleasure rather then the love of God is what marks the end-time heart posture. We cannot preach love without also preaching repentance. We cannot talk just about loving without also realizing how depraved and wicked we are and can be.

I think the response of the “world” that Christians just condemn other people is probably true a lot of the time but we have to ask ourselves why that is? If we just talk about love with sentiment attached to it then what difference do we make? THe Gospel has all of God and all of God is scary good. Clearly from 1 Cor. 6 and Ephesians 5 love is not really mentioned in those who do not inherit the Kingdom of God. Love and holiness and God’s righteousness all flow together and all work together. It is also interesting to add that John the Baptist didn’t talk about love He talked about repentance for the Kingdom was near’ and the result of his ministry was getting his head chopped off. Thoughts?


No end to You

Find Your beginning

Find the power cord

Wield that sword

Mystery me seeks You

On my side I slept last

Night, waiting for you

To walk in-

Drive thru Encounter

Pills over the counter

Drop them, emptied them out,

Flushed them down the toilet

Along with regret and one piece

Swimsuit collections,

Magazines from the 50’s

Spinning in repeat—it was never

That bad then, it should have

Never been, James Dean love,

A rebel with a cause, a love

With a because, crossover like

Red rover, send Him the sinners

Celebrate those last dinners—

I am lame and maimed by pride

By the man that never lied,

Never stole any sort of control—

Now the last are first

Now I am a dirt lover,

A foot washer could never

Be me—a road trip affair

Over the mountain over

There—down the toilet

Goes these addictions

For these eyes have a

New set of convictions,

New sets of things to

Stir in and through us—

Holy is the Spirit we ask

For—let it devour anything

Called lesser pleasure

Tainted Thoughts

Who has the answer

The image is tainted

Made to be painted

By Holy things—

By Holy and True

By a new you found

In his death—

Diva pager

Racial slur slayer

I love division

I hate admission

I run from conviction

I love the friction

Man rages with the nonfiction

The mountain top facts

Your glory back

They saw your voice

But they still had the choice

Tablet heart, write it a fresh

A living epistle is up for suspect

I am retrospect, a hipster crew cut

A deep v turtleneck,

A Seattle coffee stop,

A new life to live for all

The Unholy thoughts—

Divided we will fall,

United in Christ we

Will still fall—on His

Rock, On His word,

In this place we have built

There is fear for You

I am Continuance

Always a continuing soul

Always a burning control war

Never a backup plan for this life

With wingspan—dangerous is the

Sold out soul, trouble is the one

Who loses control! I am David too,

A lover of mercy, a lover of thirsty

A bloodshed lover, a late night adulterer,

A righteous slayer of the census,

Senseless you could say, but war lives

And lies within me—I am a fighter too

I am a warrior too! I will lean in again,

Always is Your love on repeat,

Sin for the delete button,

Arrogance has me in,

But poverty is for the storage

Bin—I pull out that weakness

When You need it—is it daily?

Are we all just crazy for love?

Crazy in love?

Better than pop music is the ceiling

To stare at when lights fade and

The noise quiets down—

Forever is Your sacrifice,

Forever now, I don’t think

Twice—nothing ever rhymes

In the river of risk that runs

Through You—I am continuing

Because of You, we are here,

Always Lord, for You, for all

That You do! Make me a David

Too—fearless in mercy for it

Is furious, it is fierce, it does

Now pierce the deepest weaknesses

And the biggest addictions—I am

Educated wrongly, I am rich wrongly,

I am continuance,

An ever safe life has burned

Down now—all is for You,

A holy entity, a burning Holy

Continuing city

Facebook Discussions: Being Yourself or Being like Christ?

Posted to my facebook  page.

Seemingly contradictory biblical ideas that have surfaced in conversations the last couple of months. what do we think about:

-What is the difference between dying to ourselves( ‘it is no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me’) AND being yourself? If being yourself involves acting immature and conforming to sin then what do we mean by “just be you?”

Our motivation to learn who we are comes from a few cracks in the foundation. First off, we can hate ourselves and despise who we are and what we look like. Secondly, Christ is our focus and being like Him is the call of every follower of Jesus, it’s not just a good idea. However, if we don’t like who we are then we will not follow Jesus very well so discovering who we really are “in Christ’ seems to be what we mean by “be yourself!” But yet, its not about me being myself. I can find a cure for self-hatred by agreeing with God’s truth but what I feel like we try to mean in all of this(feels more complex then it needs to be, but maybe it is) is

I need to be ME because I am unique and special and therefore we CAN work on that apart from the pursuit of Christ. I really don’t care for any of that because that is extremely sinful and shallow and undermines grace. I don’t have the right to just “be me” if what I do is immature, sinful and childish all in the name of “oh, I am just an extrovert, this is who I am?”

If you know me as Jared, yes I am a dork 100 percent. I love doing the splits and making people laugh and I’ve discovered that that is a gift BUT at the same time growing up in God requires that parts of the proclivities to “act” a certain way will be part of who I am with also a question of this me acting this way to get attention from others or what is my motive in how “I act.”

If I just say I need to be me then me is wicked, depraved, evil, self-loving, loving pleasure rather than God, prideful, arrogant, using my influence wrongly, and the list goes on. If I just be me without submission to truth then I might as well stop this whole Christianity thing and play call to duty all day at my mom’s house(which my mom would tell me I am being stupid if I did that and probably not let me do that like any good parent would do).

It is accurate to say “lets be who God created us to be” and their is freedom in knowing that, but at the same time its not just some Freudian dream session where who you really are is in the subconscious where the id, the ego and the superego all collide. Knowing truth, the word and applying it to these notions of who we are has to always be at the center. Thoughts?

Facebook Discussions: Honor And Tithe

Posting this from my facebook page:

This verse scares me a bit..Luke 16: 11″Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of unrighteous wealth, who will entrust the true riches to you? 12″And if you have not been faithful in the use of that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own? 13″No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth.”

To sum up months of thinking about giving and the tithe I will say our unwillingness to give money can cause a lack of spiritual understanding. If giving money and stewarding it rightly is connected to “wisdom and understanding” then is it possible that the dullness of our hearts has more to do with our lack of honoring our pastors then it does with some besetting sin? 1 Tim. 5:17 says “double honor” to the man teaching the word..Galatians 6–share in all good things with him who teaches.” I know those are just two verses but it is really shallow to just sit in church and think that we can receive a message and then think not giving is an option.

Many would object and say, “what about all that prosperity seed-faith stuff from years and years ago?” Yeah, so what. Of course, people abused the sewing a seed and reaping a harvest lingo to only mean money, but the principle here of money and honor and then a entrusting with power from on high..its still connected.

If we do not give to a church then we are not honoring the leaders there. Honor does not mean you agree with every doctrinal nuance but it does mean you give and submit to their leadership. If we don’t submit to our leaders then we are not submitted to God and if we are not submitted to God then what would we be? I mean saved you could be but a follower of Christ gives everything. Luke 9:62-anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not FIT for the kingdom of God.” If I can’t tithe my ten percent then why should God trust me to preach the Gospel. I am not that awesome to begin with so how does skipping over tithing make me more awesome. Love demands that we lay everything down not religiously but because most of us will if its seeing God in His beauty. I pray we can give in every area of our lives.