Here For A Day

Living in California is like….well that will just have to be another series of poems and stories, but for now, here’s one place I went to vist about a month ago. Enjoy!


Here For A Day


Let go and

Let this city take

You over

Building to corner

Shop, hop to the

Next hackey sac

Soundless stop

Where children

Masquerade waiting

For main street parades,

Visiting exquisite cafes

And coffee stops

Trailing behind this

Journey of

Seeing in the daylight


Sound off we’re here, in

This moment, you and I


From dusk til dawn

We hide the yawn

And keep on.


Barefoot, I crossover

The street to

Camille’s Sidewalk Café

And the stop at Gelson’s

Market, walking target

For a new experience

Overlooking old

City guy efflorescence

Chats and spats about

Whose story is worth

More, You and I,

We ask, what are

We waiting for?


Blue skies

Surround the

Collosal mountain

Backdrop in this

Minnie Metropolis

Will they fall on us?


Here for a day,

We’re not straying



Yardhouse appetizer

Gut busters, and foot

Blisters from running

Through this new city

That has caught our eye

As I breath in the balmy

Weather I press through

This path chosen by the Author


Chilled silver chair and table

at famima convenient store,

I digest the news in our world,

Obama’s silence and terrorist

Plots, who’s fighting the hamas,

30 dead, read this L.A.times to

The end, blitzing articles about

How to give God at least

30 seconds of your clock,

Lock this in your mind,

I hear the Beattles belt

It out behind me as

I leave and remind

Myself to put these

Memories on the shelf.


Late night debate

Fight, revelatory

Story unfolding

Before me, piles

And piles of


Stacked High from your floor

Makes me want more,

More knowledge but

Wisdom and Love

From Above,

Whether here in Pasadena or

Any place that I can

Find Ya


Here for a day

Has changed my way.