How our nature and God’s nature are opposite but how He loves us in the process of changing us.

in you is mercy, in me is wrath
in you is kind, in me is a rewind
in you is solitude, in me I change
my mind, I regret, I fumble, I choose
to stumble, I like the dark, I see little
light, I stay up all night without you
in sight, my plight, the flight that I
take daily, flying away from you
in all that you do, I am opposite of
what you are, I do opposite of what
you do, yet in opposition you correct
my position and place me in a royal
chair and in a royal place and in a place
that I could never replace with wrath on
me I still choose no, yet yes is all that seems
to be in you, for you never give up on me,
you are the opposite, I now say yes, make
me not a different person, but let me
change in the person that I have chosen


Spoonfeeding to you links of things I have said

Wishing you were here instead, now all I want is some love from you,

A new you, a new view, a new set of hair highlights, a new way in between

Us, for Italy is calling to you, and bringing me with you in your dreams, now I’ve

Been patient so all of these years, and this guitar has been strumming of a wave of

The second coming, now all day long I think of the new song and what is readily

Wrong with the way I view God, could it just be some smog, some afterglow of a new

Day, a new wave of memories today, could avengence just call to me in black lit

Auditoriums, am I lacking fascination, lacking anticipation, lacking now a new

Situation to get through the you, see blind, and def and dumb have been apart of

This broken thumb, for likes and statuses wrap around me, call out to me, I can’t

Think straight, cause I am trying really hard to not try at all, letting go of it all,

Waiting, and watching with the best of them, now Lord could you take me with the

Rest of them, or let me stand out now, marked and set apart with your heart all the

Way forward now, all the way moving toward you now, let me seek the meek in you

And live a life that doesn’t resist you, for your voice is my choice and calls to me

When I am not listening, so move now inside of me somehow, in your eyes are

My dreams, my dreams that dip deep down low and cause you Lord to create

A unique man in me, one that stays up just to hear what you have to say, let me

Now not stray away