Storm In Me

Storms ahead and thinking of my response to the madness. Giving credit to the song Vice Verses by Switchfoot in the line ‘city life, city lights.’ I think that song emphasizes questioning God’s actions but surrendering at the end of the day.

Johnson ruled the eighties

Jordan ruled the nineties

Now who is left to rule me?

Who is left to conform me?

The storm comes, who speaks—who sits, who repeats what will bring division

And what will make a storm-

Counsel he says

Do you have it?

A foundation he says is it under you

Do you have a clue what you have built?

Or have you built something else?

Can you love and stay in that love?

Can you leave behind cultural apprehensions?

Can you stay in the tensions of wrath and mercy

Can you hear the voices out of these winds, these

Torrential downpours—can you see God in the city lights,

In the city life where you once lived, where you still want to

Be? Can you stop pointing now at all those that need judgment

Can you point at yourself and ask for mercy